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How quickly does my Company Page go live?

All listings are now posted as they are submitted. Our team review all listings within one working day.

Can I edit my own Company Page?

Yes, when you submit a Company Page youโ€™ll be asked to make an account. From your dashboard page you can edit Company Pages, manage multiple listings and more.

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Jobicy creates Company Pages to help members and companies build their presence on Jobicy.

Claim a Company Page:
1. Find the organizationโ€™s Page.
2. Click Claim this company page.
3. Submit your request by filling out a simple form.
4. Wait for your application to be verified.

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For any other help โ€” reach out to our team.

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Anthony Manning


We've received a considerable number of applications, and as a result, we've made the decision to close the advertisement. Rest assured, we'll reach out to you directly if we have any future advertising job opportunities.

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Gabriel Nolan

Nuffield Health

Jobicy demonstrated exceptional efficiency and effectiveness by taking the time to understand our specific needs and proposing strategies to accomplish the intended result.

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Charla Walton

The Cheese Boy

I am excited to keep using Jobicy and want to congratulate the site on its success. In fact, I've decided not to renew some of the other job boards I've tried out!