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Highly motivated and ambitious undergraduate Computer Science student eager to gain valuable experience and contribute to innovative projects. Proficient in a diverse range of programming languages, including C, C++, Python, Java, and SQL, with a solid understanding of data structures and algorithms. Eager to apply my technical skills and passion for problem-solving to collaborate with dynamic teams in developing cutting-edge software solutions. Committed to continuous learning and growth in the rapidly evolving field of computer science. Seeking an opportunity to leverage my knowledge and enthusiasm to make a meaningful impact in the world of technology.

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08/2019 - 12/2023 Computer Science @ University of Illinois at Chicago


08/2019-12/2023 Student @ Projects

β€’ Multilingual Text Classification System – Spearheaded the development of an advanced Language Detection Program utilizing cutting-edge Machine Learning techniques and leveraging the powerful scikit-learn library. Devised a robust SVM classifier that accurately identifies up to 17 languages based on input text. Implemented an extensive database to facilitate seamless language recognition, showcasing exceptional skills in ML model training and data handling.
β€’ Arithmetic Expression Evaluator – Demonstrated exceptional C++ proficiency by creating a sophisticated Simple Calculator project capable of executing a wide array of arithmetic operations, including multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division. Leveraged advanced data structures and algorithms to ensure precise and efficient computation. Empowered the application with a user-friendly interface, delivering a seamless and professional user experience.

08/2019-12/2023 Student @ Programming Languages

β€’ C/C++: Leveraged C/C++ to build low-level applications and optimize performance. Developed algorithms and data structures for memory-efficient and high-performance software solutions.
β€’ Python: Employed Python to create versatile applications, scripts, and automation tools. Worked with libraries like NumPy and Pandas for data manipulation and machine learning tasks.
β€’ Java: Utilized Java to build cross-platform applications with a strong emphasis on code maintainability and reusability. Applied multithreading and concurrency concepts to enhance performance.
β€’ SQL: Proficient in database management using SQL to create, query, and manipulate relational databases. Ensured data integrity and optimized queries for efficient data retrieval.

08/2019-12/2023 Student @ Software Development

β€’ Data Structures and Algorithms: Demonstrated a solid understanding of fundamental data structures and algorithms, applying them to solve complex programming challenges effectively.
β€’ Debugging and Unit Testing: Proficient in debugging techniques and tools to identify and resolve software defects. Committed to writing comprehensive unit tests to ensure software reliability and stability.
β€’ UX & UI Design: Adept at creating user-centric interfaces by incorporating principles of user experience and user interface design. Developed intuitive and visually appealing designs to enhance overall product usability.

08/2019-12/2023 Student @ Machine Learning and Development Environments

β€’ Machine Learning: Developed a strong foundation in machine learning principles and techniques. Worked on various projects involving data preprocessing, model selection, and evaluation.
β€’ CAD Software: Proficient in using CAD software for designing and modeling projects. Combined creativity and technical skills to bring concepts to life.
β€’ Integrated Development Environments (IDEs): Familiar with the IntelliJ IDE and its features, leveraging it for Java development and debugging. Experienced in using Visual Studio Code for various programming tasks, including Python and web development. Utilized Google Colaboratory for collaborative machine learning projects, taking advantage of its cloud-based environment and powerful libraries.

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