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Tech stack: [ React.js, Ruby on Rails, TypeScript, JavaScript, Ruby, Redux, SQL, Git,HTML5, CSS3, Webpack, AWS S3, APIโ€™s, PostgreSQL, Active Record, MongoDB, Website Hosting, Jbuilder, Jasmine Testing, RSpec, Linux Administration, React Native ]

As a software engineering intern at Tapply Inc., I apply my full stack development skills to create responsive and user-friendly web applications, using technologies such as Node.js, React, TailwindCSS, Next.js, GCP, Firebase, and Terraform. I collaborate with a dynamic team of engineers, using Git, Clickup, Discord, and Github to ensure efficient and streamlined software production. I also leverage third-party assets such as Pubnub, Algolia, Mixpanel, Jest, and Lambda Test to enhance the functionality and performance of our products.

I’m passionate about programming and learning new technologies, which led me to enroll in the rigorous App Academy, a top software engineering bootcamp that equipped me with an impressive array of skills, including React.js, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Ruby, Redux, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, Webpack, AWS, and more. I’m currently pursuing an associate degree in computer science at Las Positas College, where I continue to expand my knowledge and logical reasoning abilities. Additionally, I volunteer as a full stack developer at Greenstand, a non-profit organization that empowers environmental and social impact projects, where I build React components and work with a remote team spread across four continents.

Aside from coding, I’m a highly motivated entrepreneur and a co-founder of Goff Kicks, a successful sneaker reselling company that has grown its customer base and social media following by 30% each year, thanks to my social media marketing techniques and Excel data-entry skills. I also have experience in managing and growing a family-owned restaurant, Aryana Mediterranean Cuisine, where I honed my skills in logistics, communication, and supply chain management.

I’m a first-generation Egyptian immigrant who embraces diversity and thrives in environments where I can continuously learn from others and contribute to a main goal. I’m also a competitive Overwatch player, a basketball enthusiast, and a weight-lifting fan. My ultimate career goal is to become a proficient full stack developer and contribute to meaningful and innovative projects that make a positive difference in the world.

Professional area


Fall 2022 Software Engineering @ App Academy

Immersive software development course with focus on full stack web development

Spring 2024 Computer Science @ Las Positas

Associateโ€™s Degree Computer Science


July 2023 - Nov 2023 Software Engineering Intern @ Tapply Inc

Engaged in both front-end and back-end development in a startup environment using technologies such as Node.js, React, TailwindCSS, Next.js, Firebase, and Terraform, with an emphasis on evolving into a full-stack engineer.
Actively involved in the usability testing of Tapply’s Progressive Web App (PWA) and assisted in the preparation for onboarding.
Spearheaded the refactoring and rewriting of over 25 backend APIs using TypeScript, enhancing code maintainability and scalability, and aligning with modern software development practices within the organization.

May 2023 - Current Full Stack Developer - Volunteer @ Greenstand

Effectively built responsive React components, such as a custom 404 page, enhancing overall user experience and navigation, utilizing the site’s tech stack in alignment with industry best practices.
Demonstrated ability to work in a dynamic team of engineers, effectively using Git for version control, code reviews, and collaborative development, leading to efficient and streamlined software production.
Effectively worked with a remote team spread across 4 continents, utilizing digital tools for communication and task management, maintaining 100% project delivery rate on schedule.

Oct 2018 - Current Co-Founder @ Goff Kicks

Co-founded, boot-strapped and served as an integral member of the leadership team for Goff Kicks, a successful sneaker reselling company that has amassed a loyal customer base and social media following.
Leveraged social media marketing techniques growing loyal following and retail sales by 30% each year.
Managed over $30,000 in sales and performed meticulous Excel data-entry, streamlining communication and ensuring efficient organization of inventory and customer information.

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