Beam Suntory - Consumer Relations Analyst

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Experienced Consumer Relations Analyst with a proven track record of leveraging data-driven insights to enhance brand management and consumer engagement strategies within the dynamic Liquor industry. Over the course of three years at Beam Suntory in New York City, I diligently conducted comprehensive reporting on various brands’ social listening and quality reviews across diverse platforms, providing critical insights that informed strategic decisions and fortified brand reputation.


2017-2022 B.B.A - Marketing Management @ Baruch College - CUNY


06/2021 Consumer Relations Analyst @ Beam Suntory

• Joined the team as a founding member when it comprised only two employees, playing a pivotal role in establishing the team’s infrastructure from scratch.
• Coordinated cross-functional efforts to identify needs and implement tools, resulting in streamlined workflows, efficient communication, and documented procedures.
• Led the development and execution of streamlined CRM strategies across the entire brand portfolio, enhancing operational efficiency and fostering consistent customer engagement.
• Led negotiations with third-party data platform companies to establish mutually beneficial partnerships, effectively expanding access to critical resources. Regularly reported findings and insights to the director, aiding informed decision-making for strategic initiatives.
• Engaged in frequent meetings with cross-functional digital teams to shape strategies and drive UX/UI enhancements for the digital consumer experience.
• Actively contributed to numerous Salesforce reconfigurations and participated in scrum activities, ensuring seamless system adjustments and agile project progress.
• Played a pivotal role in the creation of comprehensive brand playbooks, serving as vital resources for streamlined onboarding, templating, and training procedures for incoming team members.

08/2019 - 02/2020 Business Development Representative Intern @ Wibbitz

• Conducted comprehensive audits of existing clients across diverse verticals, strategically analyzing retention strategies to ensure continued client satisfaction and reinforce the brand’s reputation.
• Leveraged Salesforce, Outreach, and ZoomInfo to meticulously identify and engage with potential clients, aligning brand values with potential partnerships.
• Led A/B testing initiatives, yielding insights that led to a remarkable 15% increase in conversion rates, demonstrating the ability to optimize brand communication and client engagement.
• Compiled insightful reports on upcoming software releases, aligning closely with company marketing strategies.

01/2019 - 06/2019 Sales And Streaming @ Warner Music Group - Atlantic Records

• Designed a marketing campaign and created a strategy for new artists including social media, public appearances, tours, promotional items and business collaborations.
• Prepared weekly report on “Release Friday” for executives, focusing on high-profile artist performances on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.
• Utilize market research data to track screening performance for thousands of artists. Calculated projections to inform future programming and marketing.
• Prepared and presented reports on upcoming releases to Atlantic executives.

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