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I am a performance-oriented and motivated Cyber Security Professional, knowledgeable in Zero Trust. I have experience configuring system security policies, procedures, and security controls and maintaining network infrastructure to protect and mitigate against vulnerability risks.

Throughout my time in the tech industry, I have focused on security engineering, emphasizing threat detection, vulnerability management, and zero-trust implementation. I’m expanding my skills to include cloud security and Splunk in my arsenal.

In my free time, I study to stay updated on the latest Cyber trends by writing blog reports on the newest threat actors, CVEs, and vulnerabilities and how to protect against their potential impact. I love interacting with other security professionals within the various communities I am a part of on social media platforms.

Skills/Tools: Linux/Unix, Bash/Shell Scripting, Splunk, Kali Linux, Wireshark, Virtualization, Python, Zero Trust Architectures, Vulnerability Management, and Threat Detection

Professional area


2019-2023 Bachelors Cybersecurity @ Old Dominion University


March 2023 - current DevSecOps Engineer @ Acreto

o Identified and mitigated insider threat risks within the DevOps process, reducing potential threats and enhancing operational efficiency.
o Automated AWS security scans and integrated disparate data sources into security analytics platforms, accelerating vulnerability mitigation.
o Employed threat intelligence research, alert review, and tuning to enhance detection capabilities and improve analysis workflows, focusing especially on insider threat and event logs.
o Collaborated cross-functionally with Security and People teams for comprehensive threat assessments, devising robust detection models and facilitating enhanced data security.
o Fine-tuned and managed network infrastructure, ensuring secure and efficient services.
o Implemented advanced firewall configurations, leveraging SIEM tools for data protection and incident response.

April 2022 - March 2023 Cyber Security Engineer @ MITRE

o Configured Identity and Access Management (IAM) controls, embodying the Zero Trust architecture on DOD mobile weapon Systems, focusing on insider threat detection and mitigation.
o Modeled Zero Trust Architectures in CAMEO, interpreting disparate data sources, visualizing interactions with other systems, and aiding in predictive modeling functions.
o Identified and patched security vulnerabilities using UEBA tools and worked closely with analysts in threat hunting, monitoring, and predictive analysis.
o Delivered recommendations on zero-trust environments through engaging in live demonstrations and facilitating cross-functional communication with Security and People teams.
o Developed new security protocols for internal networks that aligned with the NIST Framework and focused on insider threat mitigation.
o Gathered, documented, and wrote sponsor requirements for the policy development aligned with the NIST framework.
o Gained hands-on experience with popular security tools such as Wireshark, Metasploit, and Nmap, enhancing log analysis capabilities.
o Supported the Incident Response team in threat intelligence, identifying, analyzing, and mitigating real-time threats using the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

January 2021 - May 2022 IT Support Specialist @ Old Dominion University

o Provided first-level technical support to students and staff, diagnosing, and resolving hardware, software, and network-related issues.
o Performed regular system checks and updates to ensure optimal performance and security.
o Created and maintained a knowledge base of solutions to common problems.
o Trained and guided new hires using IT resources, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

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