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As a seasoned freelance audio engineer with almost 8 years of immersive experience, I am deeply passionate about the art of sound. My journey began organically, crafting my own music and exploring the intricacies of sound design. This personal pursuit ignited my enthusiasm for audio engineering and laid the foundation for my professional career.

Starting with my own musical projects, I ventured into collaborating with local artists in my town, refining my skills and developing a keen understanding of the creative process. This grassroots experience shaped my approach to audio engineering, emphasizing the importance of effective communication and tailoring technical expertise to suit individual artistic visions.

My studio journey began at Jungle City Studios, a renowned establishment in New York City. As a part-time intern, I was immersed in a dynamic environment where I fine-tuned my technical abilities and gained firsthand insight into the meticulous world of professional audio production. This experience not only expanded my technical prowess but also reinforced the significance of collaboration and teamwork in delivering exceptional results.

From crafting my own music to working with local talents and now contributing to high-profile studio endeavors, my commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Whether it’s fine-tuning audio for clients or sculpting my own sonic landscapes, my passion for sound is the driving force behind everything I do.

Let’s connect and explore how my unique journey and multifaceted expertise can elevate your next sonic project

Professional area


Feb 2021/Feb 2022 Diploma of Audio Technology @ SAE Institute New York

4.0 GPA
Peer Tutor
Honor Society

Sept 2012/Sept 2016 High School Diploma @ Marlboro High School


Feb 2023/Present Audio Engineer @ s5 Studio

Responsible for recording, mixing, and mastering audio tracks to achieve optimal sound quality and deliver exceptional final products. Collaborate with artists, producers, and technicians to bring artistic vision to life. Proficient in using industry-standard recording equipment, software, and editing tools. Possess a keen ear for detail, strong technical expertise, and a deep understanding of audio engineering principles. Able to work efficiently in high-pressure environments and consistently meet project deadlines.

Dec 2016/Present Audio Engineer @ Freelance

Track multiple artists. Mix and master for various hip-hop artists with Logic Pro X and Pro Tools. Produce hip-hop, R&B and trap beats/instrumentals. Work with various equipment such as consoles, interfaces, midi controllers, microphones, patchbays and outboard gear. Create a comfortable and inspiring environment for talent to express creativity.

Sept 2021/Nov 2021 Runner @ Jungle City Studios

Deep clean and detail control rooms, live rooms, consoles, outboard gear and lounges in order to prepare for upcoming sessions. Fulfill client requests and needs proficiently to providing a great client experience. Discreetly keep up on general cleanliness during sessions. Keep stock of supplies and replenish as needed.

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