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I Started working as a digital designer from a young age. it all started in reversed tornado ( a music publishing company) when I was in high school as an intern for a few months. my boss then proposed that I learn how to use the adobe suite to help her develop her artists at the time and thats when I started formally working with them since. Compiling a total of 5 years of experience creating marketing and promotional assets for artist song rollouts as-well as billboard design and other marketing skills.

Professional area


June 2020 - April 2023 Associates @ Miami Dade College


Jan 2018 - June 2023 Promotional Designer @ Reversed Tornado

– Edited over 100+ long and short-form videos to enhance visual appeal and storytelling.
– Designed logos and relevant variations suitable for dierent platforms and applications.
– Developed visually compelling flyers to promote events and campaigns.
– Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and maintain brand identity.
– Created designs for Print and Merch Distribution
– Spearheaded the design of a Spotify RADAR billboard for
renowned artist “Valentina,” garnering significant visibility and
recognition within the industry.
– Developed billboard and flier designs for the highly anticipated
album “Emociones” by JayWheeler, contributing to its successful promotional campaign.

June 2020 - PRESENT Media Coordinator @ Underrated Artist Season

– Managed over 20+ project timelines, assigning tasks, and ensuring timely completion of deliverables.
– Contributed to the development and implementation of social media strategies.
– Created eye catching designs for both print and merch.
– Successfully assisted in orchestrating a live showcase in NORTH HOLLYWOOD, California, managing the marketing strategy and
overall show image.
– Oversaw the creation and execution of compelling marketing
campaigns that contributed to the event’s success.
– Demonstrated strong project management skills by coordinating
various aspects of the showcase, ensuring a cohesive and impactful experience for attendees.

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