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After graduating with my BS in Chemistry, I worked as a Chemist in the cosmetic industry for two years. While working as a Chemist, I realized I wanted to shift more into management and leadership roles similar to that or Project Management and product Development as it related very closely to my responsibilities as a Chemist. I began working as a Leasing Administration for a real estate company where I mange the office ad schedule. With my experience in production, project management, budgeting and sales I feel I can apply my skills and knowledge to Project Management and learn even more.

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05/21 Bachelor of Science Chemistry @ SUNY Binghamton


12/22 Leasing Admiistration @ Ogden Cap Properties

Successfully managed the leasing process for 1,000+ residential units, from conducting property tours to negotiating lease terms and conditions
Coordinated property showings and move-ins, ensuring a smooth transition for new tenants and a positive experience throughout their lease term
Accurately prepared lease agreements, renewals, and addendums, while ensuring compliance with company policies and local housing regulations
Maintained comprehensive lease records, monitored lease expiration dates, and initiated renewal negotiations well in advance to minimize vacancies
Cultivated positive tenant relations by addressing concerns, resolving disputes, and providing exceptional customer service

12/21-11/22 Chemist @ Cosmax USA

Effectively managed multiple projects simultaneously, from initial concept through to production, demonstrating the ability to multitask and prioritize tasks to meet project deadlines
Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and launch new cosmetic collections, ensuring all product specifications and design elements met quality standards and customer expectations
Demonstrated strong teamwork by actively participating in product development meetings, sharing insights, and collaborating with designers, sourcing teams, and overseas partners to drive project success
Applied keen attention to detail to review and approve product samples, ensuring they align with design concepts, material quality, and brand identity
Adapted quickly to shifting business demands, making necessary adjustments to project timelines and product strategies while maintaining efficiency and quality

05/21-12/21 Chemist @ Intercos USA

Conduct research in alignment with the company’s product development and innovation strategy, contributing to the creation of innovative cosmetic and beauty products
Maintain a robust understanding of the global cosmetics and beauty business landscape, staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices
Provide multifaceted support to R&D and Product Development teams, ensuring seamless coordination and communication
Manage all stages of planning and development communication for fragrance products under the supervision of the Head of R&D

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