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Hi there!

My name is Foba, pronounced 4ba and I am looking for a full-time Data Scientist / Product Analyst / Machine Learning Engineer role for next year Summer (May 2024). I have worked in Data Science roles across travel and hospitality, apparel/fashion, fintech, and supplier diversity industries.

I am open to any industry and I’m looking for a place where I can grow, collaborate, make mistakes, learn from my mistakes, get feedback on my work, and add value to not just the company but also to my teammates.

My favorite word/phrase is “CONSISTENCY with an open mind” because I believe if you are consistent, you are bound to only get better. While an open mind means you are on the lookout for new things to learn and develop. This way leads to growth.

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Aug 2022/May 2024 Informatics @ University of Louisiana at Lafayette

GPA: 4.0


May 2023 / Jul 2023 Data Scientist Analytics Intern @ Expedia Group

• Executed end-to-end AB test experiments – test sizing and analysis, delivering valuable insights to the product team.
• Identified key features of hotel room upgrades leading to higher value purchases.
• Enhanced the internal experimentation analysis tool, saving time and improving user experience.

Aug 2022/May 2023 Graduate Research Assistant @ University of Louisiana at Lafayette

• Designed a deep learning system using Mask R-CNN pre-trained model for rock particle segmentation.
• Employed computer vision techniques with OpenCV for robust statistical analysis of the rock particles.

Mar 2022/Aug 2022 Data Science Intern @ Syrup Tech

• Improved optimizer recommendations with customer constraint checks, delivering more personalized suggestions.
• Amplified stakeholder understanding with insightful Plotly charts displaying key internal metrics.
• Strengthened the backend Flask API code reliability by elevating the test coverage to 80%.
• Gave a company-wide presentation on unit testing to foster the practice and usage across all teams.

Apr 2021 / Feb 2022 Data Scientist @ Jetsed

• Increased retention rate by 60% through targeted product segmentation analysis for users.
• Developed a Python telegram bot which reduced customer support backlogs by 40%.
• Spoke at a training of 100+ members on best practices in preventing scams in the finance industry.

Nov 2022/Jun 2021 Data Science Intern @ LOCOMeX

• Led a 4-member sub-data team, aiding the team lead track data pre-processing and ingestion progress.
• Developed Python scripts for automating API data extraction which reduced ingestion time by 35%.

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