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I take pride in playing a crucial role in any organization that relies on data for decision-making. Through my mastery of creating, maintaining, and optimizing complex data systems, I help ensure the success of the business. With my deep understanding of data modeling, ETL pipelines, data warehousing, and database management, I empower my team to extract actionable insights from large datasets quickly and efficiently.
My versatility as a professional is reflected in my ability to work with a variety of programming languages, data storage solutions, and cloud technologies. I am meticulous in my approach to data quality and possess the skills to clean, transform, and validate data with ease.
As a problem-solver, I thrive in challenging environments and relish the opportunity to collaborate with other experts to create innovative solutions. My exceptional communication skills allow me to effectively communicate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders, ensuring that everyone understands the value of my work.
I am an invaluable asset to any organization that seeks to derive insights from data to improve its operations and make informed decisions. My passion for data, technical expertise, and problem-solving skills make me a critical member of the team, and I am committed to continuously improving my skills to deliver even greater value to the organization.

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dec 2022 Masters @ University of Memphis


Aug 2023 Data engineer @ Go Systems LLC

β€’ Proficient in collecting and extracting data from various databases, including weekly and daily data, using SQL and NoSQL databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server Database.
β€’ Skilled in designing and implementing efficient data pipelines using programming languages like Python and Scala, and big data tools such as Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, and Apache Hive.
β€’ Expertise in utilizing data manipulation and transformation techniques in Python and Scala to cleanse, preprocess, and manipulate data for accurate analysis and error detection.
β€’ Experience in developing and maintaining visually appealing and interactive dashboards using Tableau for data-driven decision-making processes.
β€’ Strong knowledge of database management systems, SQL, and data querying, enabling efficient data retrieval and analysis from various database platforms.
β€’ Adept at identifying and resolving data quality issues through database optimization techniques and implementing data synchronization strategies.
β€’ Familiarity with data warehousing concepts and methodologies, including data center migrations, warehousing expertise, and cloud-based solutions like AWS CloudFormation

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