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With a passion for sound design and production, I bring a diverse skill set and extensive experience to the world of audio production. I have blended technical expertise with creative vision to contribute meaningfully to various projects. My ability to craft immersive soundscapes, lead diverse teams, and achieve project goals underscores my dedication to excellence. I am proficient in using industry-standard software and equipment to create captivating audio experiences. My unwavering attention to detail, creative flair, and commitment to delivering top-notch sound make me a valuable asset in the sound design and production area. Thriving in collaborative settings, I’m excited to bring my expertise to dynamic projects in this field.

Professional area


Feb 2020 - Feb 2023 Bachelor of Music and Sound Design: Majoring in Communications @ University of Technology Sydney


August 2023 - September 2023 Producer @ Flare Creative Experiences

● Proficient in project planning, budgeting, and scheduling, consistently delivering projects
on time and within budget.
● Skilled in leading and motivating diverse production teams to achieve peak performance
through effective collaboration and communication. Efficiently allocate and manage resources, ensuring optimal utilization of talent, equipment, and budgets while prioritizing cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.
● Committed to maintaining high-quality standards throughout production and establishing strong client relationships by delivering exceptional service and exceeding expectations.

February 2023 - August 2023 Presentation Coordinator @ Fox Sports

● Ensured seamless transmission and high-quality audiovisual output.
● Monitored incoming broadcast feeds, facilitating coordination among teams.
● Managed program timing, conducted quality checks, and curated playlists.
● Proactively addressed issues, minimizing on-air disruptions.
● Maintained meticulous attention to detail while adapting to evolving technologies.

August 2022 - September 2022 Sound Designer @ Rumble Studios

● Proficient in importing OMF/AAF files into Pro Tools.
● Expertise in syncing video with audio.
● Skilled in using Rx8 for interference removal.
● Sound design for ads and short films.
● Proficient in curating music that enhances the visual appeal of advertisements.
● Valuable support in voice-over recording sessions.

April 2022 - July 2022 Post Production and Media Promoter @ The Wire

● Proficiently utilize Adobe Audition to edit news recordings and seamlessly integrate them into the website.
● Strategically promoted website content and video clips through effective utilization of Facebook and Twitter platforms

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