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Highly skilled and motivated Cloud enthusiast that loves to take on initiatives and seek out new challenges. Looking for a
challenging role in a dynamic organization where I can utilize my skills and expertise to design, deploy, and maintain
infrastructure that needs and exceeds customer expectations.
Good understanding of Cloud/ On-prem and Hybrid systems
 Good understanding of 3 tier Software architecture and Full Software Life Cycle development.
 Knowledge of network technologies as they relate to AWS
 Knowledge of security features and native tools that AWS provides
 Linux SQL Database administration skills.
 Good Soft skills (Phone and customer interaction).

Professional area


2016-2019 Bachelors In Philosophy, Minor in Info Systems @ Morgan State UNiversity


November 2018-September 2019 IT Systems Administrator @ Afrius

Support the IT team in the maintenance and setup of hardware, software and other systems.
 Performed disaster recovery of master NetBackup server ensuring the availability of 10+ years of data.
 Migrated nearly 100 windows user and computer domain
 Led System Monitoring, log collection, network vulnerability identification, and threat detection for nearly 50
Windows/Linux Servers to meet Risk Management, and NIST 800-53 Requirements
 Managed and monitored servers and applications in the infrastructure using Red Hat Satellite, Nessus and setting
up Splunk. Furthermore, performing patches, and removing servers and applications to enhance security.
 Installed, configured, tested, and maintained operating systems, application software and system management
 Experienced in backup technologies, redundancy and planning, disaster recovery and business continuity planning.
 Used active directory to configure DNS, and managed users in the LAN
 Experienced in installing, configuring network switches and firewalls
 Provided timely and competent response to technology support requests
Set up administrator and service accounts, maintained system documentation, tuned systems for performance.
 Administered RHEL versions including troubleshooting virtual server issues. 
 Maintained various Redhat/CentOS Linux environments by troubleshooting, updating, and restarting the
system during scheduled downtime, and maintained the network config files across multiple environments. 
 Performed application software installations, upgrades, and troubleshooting along with server
 Deploy & test applications utilizing Apache 
 Managed job schedules such as disabling and enabling cron jobs. 
 Designed firewall rules for new servers to enable communication with application servers
 Managed access by implementing group policies, managing and creating users on Linux servers
 Utilized BASH Scripting to automate package installations and commands 
 Installed and configured LAMP Stack servers

September 2019-April 2021 Cloud Infrastructure Engineer @ CyberData Technologies

Using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to manage access to AWS services and resources securely, as
well as setting up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for extra protection of the environment.
 Worked with the Operations team and Management to Remediate vulnerabilities that were found in the systems
prior before and after audits.
 Monitored end-to-end infrastructure using Splunk
 Work collaboratively with software engineering to define infrastructure and deployment requirements
 Created an SSL certificate using AWS Certificate Manager, a service that allows easy provisioning, managing, and
deploying of public and private SSL/TLS certificates for use with AWS services and internal connected resources. I
used this to secure the network communications to my application and to establish the identity of my websites
over the Internet i.e. enable HTTPS.
 Recommend process improvements to better manage variable expenses across the enterprise
 Using AWS Budgets to set custom budgets for tracking costs and usage of resources in an AWS account. Setting
up alerts by email when actual or forecasted cost and usage exceed budgeted threshold.
 Hosted several web applications (e.g. a PHP-MySQL ) on EC2 service to provide secure, resizable compute capacity
in the cloud.
 Implemented EC2 Auto Scaling to help maintain application availability and to automatically add or remove EC2
 Did Platform monitoring to ensure servers and services have little or no downtime.
 Pushing Logs to S3 Bucket and Implementing Life Cycle Policy and Bucket Policy.
 Utilized CloudFormation template writing for automation of infrastructure creation.
 Keep technical documentation up to date Identifying appropriate use of AWS operational best practices.

May 2021- January 2023 Infinitive Consulting @ Infinitive Consulting

Fortune 100 Financial Services Client:
 Performed in-depth root cause analysis regarding cloud control effectiveness across the entire cloud infrastructure
landscape across 1000s of accounts
 Member of the Cloud Governance Team within Cloud Safety group, managed over 7000 cloud custodian policies
that enabled over 10,000 software engineers a secure public cloud working environment
 Served as key liaison and drove decision making across all levels from Audit, Risk, Cybersecurity, and DevOps
 Provision, configure, release and maintain AWS cloud infrastructure as code using tools such as Terraform,
 Work collaboratively with software engineering to define infrastructure and deployment requirements
 Definition and deployment of systems for metrics, logging, and monitoring on AWS platform Design, build, and
maintain operational tools for deploying, monitoring, and analyzing AWS infrastructure and applications using
Jenkins CI/CD, groovy script.
 Deploy and maintain application services using ECS, EKS, K8s, and Docker files
 Troubleshoot and resolve issues across various application domains and platforms
 Hands-on with Git/GitHub for version control including branching and tagging 
 Work closely with developers on the team to debug web app issues
 Apply networking knowledge to debug upstream issues
 Perform infrastructure cost analysis and optimization
 infrastructure as code to ensure consistent and reliable management of application environments.
 Provisioned cloud-based infrastructure used to deploy, manage, and scale software applications.
 Built and managed log, metric capture and analysis systems.
 Optimized system deployments to balance performance, cost, and security concerns.
 Developed system monitoring and alerting capabilities.
 Performed systems administration to ensure operating systems, tools, and software remain up-to-date, functional,
and secure.
 Troubleshooted and resolved system alerts, failures, and operational inefficiencies.

January 2023-Present Cloud/Devops Engineer @ TRC Advanced Energy Group.

Design and deploy applications utilizing AWS services (including EC2, LBs, VPC, security groups, CloudFront, API
Gateway, Lambda, Route53, RDS, SQS, SNS, etc) ensuring high availability, security, & fault tolerance
 Designed, deployed, and maintained cloud infrastructure on AWS and Azure using Terraform.
 Configured and managed Splunk for log analysis, monitoring, and troubleshooting.
 Performed code quality analysis and continuous integration/delivery using SonarQube.
 Managed version control and CI/CD pipeline using Bitbucket and Jenkins
 Developed and customized WordPress websites using PHP.
 Implemented Microsoft 365 Dynamics for CRM and ERP solutions.
 Ensured system security best practices and procedures were followed.
 Implemented CPM backup and disaster recovery solutions.
 Configured and monitored network performance using PRTG.
 Troubleshot and resolved issues related to cloud infrastructure, server administration, and website development.
 Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure smooth and efficient cloud operations.
 Provided technical guidance and support to contractors
 Ensured the successful migration of Bitbucket repositories and projects from On-Prem to Cloud solution

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