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Dedicated IT professional with a solid foundation in Desktop Support Level II, seeking to transition into an entry-level cybersecurity role. I bring a robust set of transferable skills, including technical troubleshooting, networking knowledge, vulnerability assessment, and a keen understanding of user behavior.

In addition to my IT background, I have also enjoyed a successful career as a professional fashion photographer. This unique experience has cultivated my creativity, attention to detail, and adaptability—all of which are valuable assets in the dynamic field of cybersecurity.

Proficient in using remote desktop tools, endpoint protection software, and network monitoring tools, with hands-on experience in addressing complex DNS issues and IP address management in collaboration with networking teams.

I hold a degree from an accredited college and am actively pursuing the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification, with future aspirations for the CISSP. Adept at staying updated with the latest cybersecurity trends through active engagement on platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

My interpersonal strengths encompass attentive listening, a meticulous attention to detail, and a natural inquisitiveness that aligns seamlessly with the analytical demands of the cybersecurity domain. Driven by a genuine passion for uncovering the root causes of issues and a detective-like curiosity, I am eager to bring this analytical approach to a cybersecurity team, contributing to the protection of digital assets and infrastructures.

Professional area


2003 Diploma @ Blanche Ely High School
2023 Certification in Progress @ EC-Council
2007 Associate Degree @ Broward College - Coconut Creek, FL


December 2022 - Preset IT Support Specialist @ Centerfield

• Delivered comprehensive technical support across Chromebooks, Mobile Devices, Windows OS, and Mac OS.
• Documented and resolved complex technical issues, contributing to a robust knowledge base.
• Created user-friendly remote setup instructions and troubleshooting guides.
• Managed user accounts and access on multiple platforms (Mac OS, Windows OS, AD, LastPass, Slack, Google Workspace Admin, GSuite, Zendesk, Azure
• Led pre-hire sessions, facilitating smooth equipment setup and onboarding.
• Collaborated with HR for efficient offboarding processes and equipment retrieval.
• Configured laptops for Azure Domain, handling procurement through Amazon Business Account.
• Prioritized support requests based on urgency and business impact.
• Conducted effective remote support sessions via Slack, Teams, and phone.
• Supported hardware transitions, including Chromebook to Windows OS migration.
• Utilized Jira for efficient support request management.
• Ensured data security and privacy during troubleshooting.
• Actively followed tech trends and networking events.
• Collaborated cross-functionally with teams to upgrade systems.

March 2022 - December 2022 Technical Purchasing Agent @ Carnival Cruise Line

• Collaborated with a team of 8 members to procure essential parts for cruise ships, focusing on engine replacements and below-deck gears.
• Prepared accurate purchase orders by verifying specifications and prices, seeking recommendations from suppliers for substitute items, and obtaining
necessary approvals from requisitioning departments.
• Utilized the Infoship ticketing system to manage and track purchase orders, ensuring timely and efficient procurement.
• Coordinated closely with the Logistics Warehouse to address urgent orders and expedite deliveries, ensuring smooth operational continuity.
• Demonstrated strong attention to detail by meticulously matching parts and costs, ensuring accurate procurement and budget adherence.
• Resolved daily discrepancy issues related to all vessels, fostering effective communication and swift resolution.
• Revised all confirmation emails to align with the original requests, enhancing accuracy and communication throughout the procurement

November 2019 - March 2022 IT Procurement/Asset Manager @ Envision Physician Services

• Led a geographically dispersed team of Inventory Leads, fostering clear communication and alignment by conducting regular WebEx meetings to discuss par
levels, equipment replenishment strategies, and stock optimization.
• Strategically managed vendor relationships by orchestrating regular conference calls to obtain reports on hardware availability, lead times, and Service Level
Agreements (SLAs).
• Negotiated contract terms and pricing with vendors, effectively balancing cost-efficiency and quality while advocating for subscription-based, cloud-based, and
perpetual licensing options.
• Collaborated cross-functionally with vendors and internal teams, implementing a streamlined process that reduced equipment delivery time from
manufacturers to end-users by 2 days, resulting in expedited user satisfaction.
• Leveraged ServiceNow CMDB to comprehensively track assets, housing critical details such as RAM, OS, and ownership information, enabling accurate
reporting and efficient asset management.
• Spearheaded process improvements by partnering with vendors to maintain a strategic inventory of laptops and monitors in their warehouse, significantly
shortening equipment delivery times and optimizing stock levels.
• Played an instrumental role in strategic decision-making related to IT procurement and asset lifecycle management, contributing to the alignment of asset
acquisition strategies with the organization’s broader IT strategy.
• Collaborated with cross-functional departments, particularly finance and IT, to ensure prudent budget management and explore cost-effective alternatives,
fostering efficient asset procurement processes while maintaining fiscal responsibility.
• Addressed challenges related to accurate asset tracking by implementing a comprehensive communication strategy with technical teams, ensuring that highvalue
items were consistently recorded, tracked, and accounted for in the CMDB.
• Adhered to IT asset management (ITAM) process.

August 2016 - November 2019, Desktop Support II @ Envision Physician Services

• Spearheaded the deployment of 8 to 10 devices weekly, reducing deployment time by leveraging vendor imaging solutions.
• Resolved 4-6 complex issues daily, contributing to a streamlined workflow and minimized escalations.
• Provided essential support to over 50 end-users monthly, ensuring seamless operations within a Windows environment.
• Successfully completed the Windows 10 refresh initiative, updating 104 systems in collaboration with a team of 5 members.
• Assisted 2-4 high-level executives, earning commendable feedback for delivering tailored technical support.
• Crafted and improved 10 knowledge base articles, enhancing user self-help capabilities and support efficiency.
• Leverages ticketing systems, including ServiceNow, to diligently track and report progress on issues, with a comprehensive understanding of its functionalities.,
decreasing time-to-resolution by 30%.
• Possesses the capability to conduct thorough research and troubleshooting to resolve complex technical issues.

February 2013 - August 2016 Desktop Support Analyst II @ Randstad

• Installed hardware components, such as disk drives, printers, keyboards, and monitors, and loaded software packages, including networking components,
operating systems, and office applications.
• Processed RMAs and orders, and conducted internal follow-up to ensure timely resolution of user issues.
• Customized and adapted current programs, such as the Google Migration, to meet users’ needs.
• Reset passwords and troubleshooted Citrix, SharePoint, VMware, and Bullhorn applications for in-house users.
• Configured PCs and laptops, resolved problem tickets, and tracked problems using Front Range.
• Provided job training to new hires and less experienced staff as needed.

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