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What is Jobicy?

Jobicy is an online platform dedicated to connecting talented people who seek remote careers with innovative, forward-thinking companies that offer these positions. Job listings are curated, reviewed and added on a daily basis. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay in touch!

How does it work?

You just indicate the link to the current vacancy, and we will take care of the rest. We fill in the job title, description, company logo, region and other important parameters.

Are jobs removed from the Jobicy database when they are filled?

We hand-clean our database regularly to keep our listings as current and accurate as possible. We remove filled positions on a daily basis. In the unfortunate case that you ever come across a listing that has a broken link or is closed, please use the "Report Job" link at the bottom of the job listing and we will research the listing and respond to let you know if the job is expired or if the website was just experiencing issues.

Are the jobs on Jobicy legitimate?

Yes! Our amazing job research team hand-screens every single job and company added to our site, so you will only find jobs and companies that are legitimate, professional, and offer at least one type of flexibility.