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About me

πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ’»17-year-old, Brazilian and web development lover/daily learner since 2019, adept in all stages of advanced web development. Knowledgeable in User Interface, testing, debugging processes and server-sided projects. Bringing forth expertise in design, installation, testing and maintenance of web systems.

πŸš€ Equipped with a diverse and promising skill-set. Proficient in an assortment of technologies, including:
β–² JavaScript
β–² React.js
β–² TypeScript
β–² Next.js,
β–² Node.js
β–² + diverse modern tools

βš›οΈ Able to effectively self-manage during independent projects based on results, as well as collaborate in a team setting

Professional area




2022/2025 System Analysis (Technologist) at Sao Paulo Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology


April 2020/December 2022 Junior Front-End Developer at Alive App Brasil

β€’ Managed 10 projects involved with Live Commerce, including client and server-sided,
promoting a better experience, design and performance to the users.
β€’ Launched 3 full projects to serve and consume data to the newest business partner, bringing
high performance using some of the best technologies.
β€’ Introduced new views and tips to the development team on refactoring and bringing a better
architecture/structure to the projects.

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