10 Must-Read News Stories About Remote Jobs

The following articles shed light on various aspects of working remote jobs.

12 Mar 2021
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Restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic have brought a lot of attention to the concept of remote working. Designers, developers, digital marketers, lawyers, and even doctors (telemedicine/telehealth) have worked remotely during the lockdown. The following articles shed light on various aspects of working remote jobs.

1. ZDNET: Remote work and tech jobs: How CIOs are changing their priorities

Most of us have got used to working from home in the past 12 months. CIOs can use that new-found trust in remote working to source talent from around the globe.
Read more about remote work and tech jobs on ZDNET

2. NPR: Workers Are Moving First, Asking Questions Later. What Happens When Offices Reopen?

Companies will need to be careful how heavy-handed they are in ordering workers back to their cubicles. “The good news is you could get everybody back in the office,” says HR consultant David Lewis. “The bad news is … not everybody is going to come back.”
Read more about workers moving on NPR

3. USA Today: These cities could become the biggest winners and losers as more Americans shift to remote work

The end—or at least a substantial easing—of the COVID-19 pandemic is in sight, but the titanic shift toward remote work that it fostered is expected to endure, at least to some extent.
Read more about American and remote work on USA Today

4. Tech Republic: Tech jobs are booming. Remote working is now a top demand for job hunters

More than 100,000 new tech jobs have been created in the UK since the start of the pandemic, but growing momentum behind remote working could mean a ‘dramatic’ scaling back of office space and tech hubs.
Read more about Remote working on TechRepublic

5. CNBC: 3 tips to land a work-from-home job right now, according to a remote-work expert

Nearly a year after the coronavirus pandemic caused offices to shut down and employees to work remotely, many have come to enjoy the arrangement that was once considered an exclusive perk.
Read more about remote work on CNBC

6. The Economist: Remote working is a lifeline for Kenya’s beach resorts

East African professionals are toiling by the sea. On beach beds under palm trees in Kenya’s Diani Beach, the usual throng of swimsuit-clad tourists dozing in the sun has been replaced by a more industrious crowd of laptop-bashers.
Read more about remote working on The Economist

7. Business Insider: Rising remote work is upping job inequality in European capitals and ‘scarring’ some sectors, says OECD report

Remote working options have allowed many companies to keep going during the COVID-19 pandemic, with some companies even thriving as a result. However, this hasn’t been possible in all sectors with retail, hospitality, and healthcare among the most affected.
Read more about remote work in Europe on Business Insider

8. Harvard Business School: What Does Remote Work Mean for Middle Managers?

Middle management was already the corporate scapegoat of choice before the COVID-19 pandemic. Will work-from-home policies make middle managers unnecessary or more critical than ever? asks James Heskett.
Read more about remote work and middle management at Harvard Business School

9. Business Insider: From LinkedIn hashtags to résumé keywords, these are the best ways to tailor your application for remote work

Remote work might have been hard to come by in the past but times have changed. Although it’s not easy to find a job in today’s market, remote work is increasingly common.
Read more about resumes for remote work on Business Insider

10. Fast Company: These are the top-paying remote jobs and how you can land one

These roles for knowledge workers offer a strong outlook today, and in the future. While the numbers have dropped since the onset of the pandemic, a lot of us are still working from home. According to a survey from Gallup, 33% of Americans are always working remotely and 25% are working remotely sometimes. Of those who work remotely, nearly two-thirds of would like to continue to do so.
Read more about top-paying remote jobs on Fast Company

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