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Metafy is a platform that enables the best players in the world to monetize their talent through 1:1 coaching and courses.

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potentially the smashGG alternative we’ve all been waiting for.

clean interface, mobile app, and lots of other features.

excited to see where this goes.


An even newer start https://twitter.com/JoshFabian/status/1526245789403693057

We're starting something of our own at @TryMetafy

It's my pleasure to announce Sumo (@trysumoGG), a rethinking of what a tournament platform could and should be. Built with our community in mind.

We won't forget the mobile app, of course.


So disrespectful that they just named a Pokémon Slowpoke. “We’re naming you after one of your negative traits.” Imagine if they had one named Dumbass.

We are also happy to announce our event has been funded by @TryMetafy! This will go straight to our prize pool and improving quality of stream and the event! We are very thankful for them, and you can learn more about Metafy here: https://metafy.gg/#how-it-works

you can now book coaching sessions with me on metafy
exclusive benefits for early students!!


Got a replay review from @Rivers3k on metafy for Diddy. Big recommend, he put the time in and gave some great notes

Metafy Coaching is officially done and I learned so much more than I thought I would
If you wish to know anything about KAZUYA MISHIMA I cannot recommend @ferpsfgc enough

You can delete one character from any game. Who’s gone?

super proud of BTTV for qualifying to play in the may finals.🙏

i've been a part of this teams journey seeing them grow and coaching some of the players and honestly really happy to see them take down one of NA's most veteran teams

hard work always pays off



Y’all should try out @TryMetafy I had a really great lesson with @TweekSsb we had some great talks about sephiroth’s neutral, movement options, and secondaries to cover his weaknesses. He’s a great teacher and I really like his approach to movement in the game.

@TryMetafy is one of the best things that happened to me in this gaming world 🙂 Very thankful to be apart of this team and opportunity 🎮🏆

Feeding Kirby a hotdog so he becomes a big hot dog and then eating Kirby

Quick announcement I'm super excited to say that I will be coaching on @TryMetafy and to celebrate this AMAZING thing, I will be doing a giveaway of 3 coaching sessions (with me🥳)

1⃣ Follow me & @TryMetafy
2⃣ Like/RT this post

Will announce the winners in 48 hours 🫂

We want to support a certain Halo Expert who got himself in trouble. Always sayin stuff, that guy.

Get 30% off a lesson with @spartan by using the promo code SPARTYMCFINED

(We cover that 30% so he gets paid his full rate)


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Where is Metafy headquarters?

Metafy headquarters is located at Pittsburgh, PA.

When was Metafy founded?

Metafy was founded in 2020.

How many employees does Metafy have?

Metafy has 30-39 employees.

What is Metafy's core business?

Metafy is E-learning company.

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