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Our mission is to create new possibilities for people and organizations everywhere by connecting them to the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a changing world. Through our global marketplace platform, we provide the tools learners, instructors, and enterprises need to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

We enjoy problem-solving and collaboration, and we share a serious belief in the power of learning and teaching to change lives.

Our culture fosters inclusion and belonging and encourages innovation, creativity, passion, and teamwork. We also celebrate our milestones and support each other every day.

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Where is Udemy headquarters?

Udemy headquarters is located at San Francisco, CA.

When was Udemy founded?

Udemy was founded in 2010.

How many employees does Udemy have?

Udemy has 50+ employees.

What is Udemy's core business?

Udemy is E-learning company.

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