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We’ve built a modern doc editor with version control to manage changes across docs and automated workflows for reviews, revisions, and suggestions.

Built to give innovative companies, distributed teams, and the world’s most ambitious people power, organization, and transparency—so they can can collaborate with focus and speed.

Join us in a world with less meetings and messages!

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Doctors diagnosed him with an incurable disease.

They gave him three years to live.

But that didn't stop @lschlesinger from doing what he loved.


Len Schlesinger's story is inspirational.

The @HarvardHBS professor has just 3-5 years to live.

Instead of giving up, Len continues to teach, offering his students–and the rest of us–a master class in living a life of impact.

Here's his story 👇

Nine years ago, @floodgatefund was at an inflection point.

Mike Maples, its co-founder and 8x Midas List alum, had a decision to make:

Compete for deals based on Floodgate's brand equity and track record or find an entirely new way to source investments.

People told @SamCorcos that building in public would kill his business.

They said: Competitors will steal your ideas! It's a legal risk!

Sam did it anyway. And his business has never been the same.

Here's why 👇

How to win at remote work comes down to nailing 5 basic things:

- How to brainstorm ideas
- How to draft proposals
- How to structure feedback and approvals
- How to share knowledge
- How to track progress

Figure out these five processes → figure out how to win.

Every day people write proposals worth thousands, millions, even billions of dollars.

When the stakes are that high, you need a REAL writing tool.

One that has:

- Real-time collaboration
- Tracked changes
- Feedback
- Approvals
- Version control

How you say it matters.

What does it take to achieve greatness?

Here's what Mike Maples, one of Silicon Valley's most prominent investors, says.

Great feedback doesn't come from the tool your team just signed up for...It comes from a process that was built with intentionality.

Time to understand people. Time to understand process. And time to understand that the best ideas are simply outputs of the best process.

If you want to go fast, rely on individual knowledge.

If you want to go far, rely on team knowledge.

Choose to go far w/these 3 steps:
- Organize your information
- Share it w/everyone in the org.
- Keep your knowledge management system accurate & up-to-date.

Far > fast.

You won't believe what this former YC founder did:

In May of 2021, the Founder and CEO of @Levels published every investor update and team all-hands recording from his company's archives.

And he's done it every month since.

What gets measured gets managed.

What gets managed gets results.

Want results?

Measure. Track. Learn.

It's the simplest management process out there.

And it's the only process that actually gets results.

Productive team collaboration boils down to getting a small # of effective processes right:

- How to brainstorm ideas
- How to draft proposals
- How to structure feedback and approvals
- How to share knowledge
- How to track progress

Nail these 5 and your team wins. Every time.

You can brainstorm creative solutions w/o dragging people back to the office.

It's about defining a clear problem.

Then add:

- Stakeholder insights
- Smart questions
- Experience
- Data

Good ideas come from process, not conference rooms.

Careers are built on great proposals.

Writing them unlocks your ideas and makes them real.

Steps to a great proposal:

- Frame the issue, context, and pain points
- Define success
- Outline clear next steps

To win, keep it short, direct, and clear.

Generating fresh ideas is crucial.

But most teams fill whiteboards with nonsense that's instantly forgotten.

To brainstorm your way to more $$$:
- Define the problem
- Work from good questions
- Sort the results and vote
- Move quickly

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Where is Almanac headquarters?

Almanac headquarters is located at San Francisco, CA.

When was Almanac founded?

Almanac was founded in 2019.

How many employees does Almanac have?

Almanac has 50+ employees.

What is Almanac's core business?

Almanac is Computer Software company.

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