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Alpine Home Air Products was founded in 2002. It was the first and only online retailer of HVAC equipment. Since then, the Alpine team has continued to create first-in-the-world industry & tech innovations:

2002 – first ever ecommerce HVAC store
2003 – first HVAC online shopping configurator
2004 – first national HVAC referral network of installing contractors
2005 – first of its kind automated performance based pay system for phone sales
2011 – first and only online HVAC operating cost calculator
2013 – first and only HVAC photo-to-quote app
2014 – filed patent for better way to assist customers with sales & service needs
2015 – first ecommerce bundling of local services + products: EasyHVAC.com

Our mission is to be the easiest to use and most loved provider of heating and cooling products and services for the everyday homeowner nationwide. To do this, we make sure that everybody wins. Our objective is to create great experiences for our customers, vendors and employees. Our employees love our positive and supportive culture, beautiful sunny office, great benefits and friendly team. We try to help our employees develop their careers and do the work that best suits their talents and interests.

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Blueridge DIY Ductless Installation: http://youtu.be/gik1x67kcJg?a via @YouTube

How to Install a Blueridge DIY ductless: http://youtu.be/egfdExl3c28?a via @YouTube

How to Install an Ultraviolet Purifier: http://youtu.be/hH53t9srl08?a via @YouTube

How to Assemble Starter Ductwork: http://youtu.be/uamnG9bQQTA?a via @YouTube

How to Make a Sheet Metal Transition: http://youtu.be/dTD7l9w1x-Y?a via @YouTube

How to Install a Humidifier: http://youtu.be/ezTTz95a9OA?a via @YouTube

How to Install a Fresh Air System: http://youtu.be/1jqPm87FeVE?a via @YouTube

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How to Install an Air Cleaner: http://youtu.be/1EsSF0JBC6o?a via @YouTube

Blueridge Hyper Heat Ductless Mini-Splits: http://youtu.be/JW5V2pomwMw?a via @YouTube

How to Setup Wifi App for Blueridge Mini-Split Air Conditioner: http://youtu.be/0ZK3vU63g9o?a via @YouTube

Alpine's System Selector - Easily Make Complete HVAC Kits: http://youtu.be/XV68C-9xkos?a via @YouTube

How to Assemble a Blueridge PTAC Wall Sleave: http://youtu.be/GAhBACwPRMY?a via @YouTube

Easy HVAC - the easiest, most affordable way to buy your next HVAC system: http://youtu.be/X1kMpJjMGLY?a via @YouTube

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Where is Alpine Home Air headquarters?

Alpine Home Air headquarters is located at Chicago, IL.

When was Alpine Home Air founded?

Alpine Home Air was founded in 2002.

How many employees does Alpine Home Air have?

Alpine Home Air has 50+ employees.

What is Alpine Home Air's core business?

Alpine Home Air is Wholesale company.

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