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Amino is the data-driven healthcare guidance platform that saves money and improves care outcomes for plan sponsors and members.

U.S. healthcare is confusing, opaque, and frustrating. We can’t change the system overnight—but we can guide patients to high-value healthcare decisions, one search and booking at a time.

Show compassion

We act with kindness and thoughtful intention, maintaining a constant focus on our underlying objective—to help others. We’re passionate about making a difference, big or small.

Raise the bar

We’re committed to guiding patients to better care with an unbiased, data-driven approach. We take initiative, thrive on challenges, and never settle for the status quo.

Stay curious

Meaningful solutions start with asking the right questions—and we ask a lot of them. We stay humble even as we celebrate successes. No matter how far we’ve come, we continue to look for new ways to improve our products, processes, and perspectives.

Act with integrity

When we make commitments to our employees, clients, and partners, we follow through. When we make claims about how our product works or the impact we’ve had, we back them up with data. We build trust by listening hard and giving open, honest answers to the best of our ability.

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60% of Americans can’t differentiate between in-and out-of-network care and don’t understand co-pays. We’re working to make the healthcare experience easier for patients. Our CEO @davidvivero dives into the complexity of this issue in @FastCompany 👉 https://hubs.li/Q01F6pBv0

What are industry leaders predicting and looking forward to the rest of 2023? Read insights from Amino, @businessolver and
@limberhealth in our latest blog. https://hubs.li/Q01Dz-Ht0

Amino's own Sarah Bimber was recently featured in @VanguardLawMag discussing the crucial, bespoke work she's doing to strengthen our business. Kudos Sarah! 👏

Read it here: https://hubs.li/Q01DzWy60

The January 1, 2023 price transparency deadline has come and gone. If you're on the hook for TIC compliance, do you have a plan in place to implement a patient-friendly TIC solution this year? Get caught up in our latest eBook. https://hubs.li/Q01y_f8Z0

Price transparency mandates are here, bringing with them increased scrutiny into care quality, right? Not so fast. Find out where transparency laws fall short and how to keep quality of care at the top of the conversation. https://hubs.li/Q01y2LmB0

Understanding the true cost of #healthcare is difficult, but #pricetransparency is a good start. Read more on our thoughts around price transparency and the cost of care: https://hubs.li/Q01x8vt50

#HLTH2022 might be behind us but innovations coming to healthcare are very much ahead of us. Here are our 3 predictions for the future of health plan designs 🔮

The January 1, 2023 price transparency deadline has come and gone. Do you have a plan in place to both meet and transcend the requirements? Get caught up in our latest eBook. https://hubs.li/Q01x8vsZ0

Our CEO @davidvivero recently joined @KarenJagoda on the Empowered Patient Podcast to discuss the importance of the Transparency in Coverage rule and Amino’s commitment to delivering a consumer-friendly experience. Listen in: https://hubs.li/Q01x8d4k0

Further price transparency regulations are just around the corner. Will you be ready? Learn how to meet and transcend the regulations in our latest guide. https://hubs.li/Q01wp7190

We're thrilled to announce today our added functionality to support Transparency in Coverage requirements. We've long supported further price transparency in healthcare & are proud to be among the first to launch TIC functionality. Read the release here 👇https://hubs.li/Q01vZchZ0

#HLTH2022 this week got us thinking even more than usual about the future of health plan design. Here are our 3 predictions for the future🔮

Go David go! 🎉 So thrilled to share our co-founder and CEO @davidvivero has been named to this year's @FortuneMagazine 40 under 40 list. Don't miss this well deserved spotlight! https://hubs.li/Q01sgj_L0

📣"We all have a different passport to the American healthcare system" - @davidvivero at the @WilliamBlair "Dynamics in Data & Analytics" panel at Benefit Tech Conference 2022

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Where is Amino headquarters?

Amino headquarters is located at San Francisco, California.

When was Amino founded?

Amino was founded in 2013.

How many employees does Amino have?

Amino has 50+ employees.

What is Amino's core business?

Amino is Health, Wellness & Fitness company.

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