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At Athenian we’re a team of kind-hearted, deeply curious, empathic individuals from all over the world. We are on a mission to make it easier for all of us to build better software, faster. There are lots of ways to tackle this, we want to make our contribution to the world by getting you to insight faster. We believe that by increasing visibility into the way you build software, we can help people iterate rapidly and more effectively.

The way we work

We have been working remote since before the world caught on. We believe that most problems in organizations are communication problems. We believe in high transparency because high transparency leads to trust, and trust is the one thing that can avoid and solve most problems in a company. We strongly believe that health & family always comes before work (whomever you consider your family). We put customers first (after family), and everything else after that. We love building cool tech but understand that at the end of the day it’s in service of our customers, and that being technology purists won’t get us anywhere. We believe in saying no more often than yes, and trying our very best to keep focus on doing a few things exceptionally well, rather than many things average.

Athenian brings you the data and metrics you need to adopt a data-enabled engineering culture. We continue to build our product by listening to hundreds of engineering leaders since we started. We obsess over each pixel and believe that all software should be beautiful and intuitive. We feel that most products that have metrics and charts are complex, and require a statistics degree to interpret, we focus on breaking down that complexity. Our product vision is to provide you end-to-end visibility into your entire software development process.

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Even when you have metrics at your disposal, context is critical when Engineering Leaders are making decisions.

Here’s why context matters, and the consequences of simply following industry benchmarks! 👏

Some solid advice for ICs transitioning into engineering leadership positions - from @ncantunes, VPE at @datadoghq 👏

these are the five things you need to measure in your software delivery pipeline 👇

99% of all problems in organizations are communication problems.

In the physical office, the space you share together, you've built ways to figure out those communication problems.

But those problems still exist, you just found a way to work around them.
- @eisokant


Join @EisoKant as he shares 8 mental models for exceptional engineering leadership!

📅 Thursday, April 28
🕒 12 PM EST // 6 PM CET
🎟️ https://get.athenian.com/webinar-8-mental-models-for-exceptional-engineering-leadership

As an engineering leader, you have two responsibilities:

⭐️ Improve the developer experience
⭐️ Deliver impact to the end-user

These two are infinitely linked to create a culture of continuous improvement.

Learn the process here: https://athenian.com/blog/the-engineering-leaders-process-for-continuous-improvement

Atlassian’s recent outage has reignited the discussion about the time it takes a company to acknowledge issues…

So, @iceroche wrote about how the right metrics can improve MTTR of Customer-Facing Bugs! 👇


👀@eisokant is sharing some of the biggest lessons from the podcast in a live webinar on April 28th!

Remember the confidence vs competence spectrum? Learn how to apply it, and other mental models, at different stages of your company!

Sign-up for free 👉 http://get.athenian.com/webinar-8-mental-models-for-exceptional-engineering-leadership

Communication is so damn hard.

And it only gets harder when we don't speak the same language.

This week's Hagakure is about succeeding when others may not be on the proverbial same page.


Had a great chat with the @OrbitModel team a couple of weeks ago and found out how they reduced their PR cycle time by 50% while growing the team! 🚀

Some of the results:
✅ Reduced PR cycle time by 50%
✅ Improved developer experience
✅ More than doubled the engineering team

Suuuper excited to share our new episode with special guest Dana Lawson, SVP of Engineering at @Netlify.✨

Dana brought the energy to this episode filled with advice on hiring, interview processes and building diverse teams. 💪

Our super star PMM, Maria Alice Roche is hosting a @PointNineCap webinar on Product Marketing Management! Register here:

A really great story to read when you begin in Engineering Management


Here's a piece of advice that I share with every engineering leader I speak to. It changed my view on engineering leadership when I heard it from my podcast co-host, @jasoncwarner...🧵

🤯@EisoKant shares 6 Decision-Making Frameworks for Engineering Leaders.💡

Based on some of the conversations with @jasoncwarner on @devleadership_! 🙌


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Where is Athenian headquarters?

Athenian headquarters is located at Earth.

When was Athenian founded?

Athenian was founded in 2019.

How many employees does Athenian have?

Athenian has 30-39 employees.

What is Athenian's core business?

Athenian is Computer Software company.

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