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Cella is an award-winning leader in consulting, staffing, and managed solutions for creative, marketing, digital and proposal development teams. We help people build meaningful careers and partner with companies to help them win. Our secret sauce? The Cella Trifecta: we have the right people, we understand our clients and we deliver results. Success requires a partner who offers all three. Together, we put passion to work. Cella is the only creative staffing firm to win the Best of Staffing® Client and Talent Awards for over a decade.

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Professional development is essential to growing both personally and professionally. Read on to learn why you should make it a priority and where to start! #cella #puttingpassiontowork


Our recent In-House Creative Industry Survey results said that 75% of creative leaders feel that flexible work schedules boost job satisfaction! Learn more by downloading Cella’s 2022 In-House Creative Industry Report today! #cella #puttingpassiontowork #inhouseagency

Registration is NOW open for our 2022 Creative, Marketing and Digital Talent Report Webinar! Join us to gain insights from our recent talent survey completed by 350+ talent in creative, marketing, and digital roles! #cella #puttingpassiontowork


Ready to build or revamp your digital portfolio? Check out this blog post for tips on choosing a suitable platform, organizing and spotlighting the right work samples, and successfully presenting your portfolio! #cella #puttingpassiontowork


Prepare to empower yourself and your team! Register today for Cella's Creative Manager Boot Camp. These interactive sessions will leave you with actionable strategies and best practices that you can implement immediately. #cella #puttingpassiontowork


We have some exciting NEWS! The 2022 In-House Creative Industry Report is now available. Download your copy today! #cella #puttingpassiontowork #inhouseagency


Last chance to participate! The 2022 Talent survey closes soon. Share your perspective with us by completing the survey today! #cella #puttingpassiontowork #talentsurvey

Want to create a great resume that stands out? Read on to learn how to rise to the top of the stack and win over the hiring manager's attention! #cella #puttingpassiontowork


Cella’s Creative Manager Bootcamp is back! Cella’s professional development training is ideal for in-house creative managers and team leads transitioning to a leadership-centric role. Reserve your spot today! #cella #puttingpassiontowork


Don’t wait to participate! The 2022 Talent survey closes soon so be sure to share your insight with us by completing the survey today. #cella #puttingpassiontowork #talentsurvey


Cella’s webinar is tomorrow! Don’t miss your final chance to register. Join and learn trends and takeaways from the 2022 In-House Creative Industry Report and insights on navigating within today’s environment. #cella #puttingpassiontowork


Join us for an exclusive preview of the 2022 In-House Creative Industry Report on April 26! In the webinar, you’ll get an insider’s look at how hundreds of in-house departments are operating within today’s environment. #cella #puttingpassiontowork


Make your voice heard by participating in Cella’s 2022 Talent Survey for Creative, Marketing and Digital Professionals! #cella #puttingpassiontowork #talentsurvey


Time is running out to reserve your seat at Creative Manager Boot Camp! Register and prepare to meet other professionals from top brands when attendees explore the essentials of creative operations and management. #cella #puttingpassiontowork


Share your career perspective with us by participating in our 2022 Talent Survey for Creative, Marketing and Digital Professionals today! #cella #puttingpassiontowork #talentsurvey


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Where is Cella headquarters?

Cella headquarters is located at Rockville, MD.

When was Cella founded?

Cella was founded in 1988.

How many employees does Cella have?

Cella has 50+ employees.

What is Cella's core business?

Cella is Staffing & Recruiting company.

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