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ChartMogul is an analytics platform to help you run your subscription business. You get a complete overview of your global subscriber base; MRR, ARPU, ASP, churn and LTV are presented in a beautiful and easy to use dashboard.

Our mission is to build powerful and secure cloud software for subscription businesses of all sizes, with a strong emphasis on good design and ease of use.

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💰 Okay... I said I'd share MRR this week, and here it is.

I didn't hit my personal target to get 5 users live on pro by today, but I did get loads of groundwork done for new sales.

Considering we've only been live for 8 weeks... I'm pretty happy with this so far 🙂

There are some things money can't buy, for everything else... #TwitterBlue

It was great to do a Q&A on retention with @socialnerdia. We discussed:

1. What is a good retention rate?
2. Why do B2B SaaS has a higher net retention rate than B2C SaaS?
3. How can you use retention as a signal for Product-Market Fit?


Despite what our last email says, the @ChartMogul webinar is happening on MARCH 21st!

Don't worry; you won't need a time machine 🤷

Save your seat for this upcoming @ChartMogul webinar with panel experts from @vitally_io, @FullviewHQ, and @JuneDotSo 👉 https://vitally.pub/3mQmYhn

#Retention is a growth driver.
SaaS companies with best-in-class retention grow 44% annually.

#growth #SaaS #retention

Are you transitioning into a product-led sales motion?

@esbenfj of @getuserflow, Nicholas Mills of @Pitch, @SethDeHart of @PointNineCap , @SaraMcArcher of @ChartMogul discussed #productledsales in our latest live panel.

Check out the key insights🔎

In our next live discussion, leaders of @vitally_io, @JuneDotSo, and @FullviewHQ will dive into #retention.

@0zne, @danielbakh, and Parker Moore will discuss the latest SaaS retention trends. Hosted by @heysidjain.

Save your seat👇


I really love this Widget on my phone. The widget is provided by @ChartMogul

The mockup is made with @AppPika

Every time I see the reliance on the expansion revenue, I worry about TAMs, CACs + valuation.

Said differently, inverting this expansion-heavy growth profile ⚠️flags weaker new logo growth...

+ even weaker TAM???

Latest "reliance on expansion" chart (@ChartMogul n=2,100)


Good benchmark insights on retention metrics by @ChartMogul .

If ARR < $1mn, then only 11% of such co's had NRR > 100%.

The smaller the revenue, much lower the chance of expansion revenue.

I would have thought otherwise. That larger co's find it harder to maintain expansion. https://twitter.com/BostonVC/status/1632440623213977602

Great job with @ChartMogul’s new, extensive report on retention benchmarks in SaaS @heysidjain!


Interesting survey on Retention, which got distinctly tougher in 2022:

Awesome! Added to my weekend reading list. :-) https://twitter.com/Nick_Franklin/status/1630904058713374720

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Where is ChartMogul headquarters?

ChartMogul headquarters is located at Berlin.

When was ChartMogul founded?

ChartMogul was founded in 2014.

How many employees does ChartMogul have?

ChartMogul has 50+ employees.

What is ChartMogul's core business?

ChartMogul is Internet company.

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