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Codeless creates hundreds of content pieces each month for the top SaaS, service, and affiliate sites in the most competitive spaces on the Internet. Our content has been featured in The New York Times, Business Insider, TheNextWeb, and thousands more.

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If you're looking for a writing app that will help you organize your long-form writing, @ScrivenerApp is an amazing choice.

It's perfect for almost all writers (bloggers, screenwriters, journalists, novelists, etc).

💡 Updating an old piece of content can work serious magic on your keyword rankings and conversions.

Watch the video to see our step-by-step process! 📹

Giving an existing piece of content some TLC resulted in:

- Boosting our ranking to one of the top positions in Google
- Decreasing bounce rate by 23%
- Improving avg. session duration (organic) by 280%

This video covers how to find the most deserving articles for a makeover.

Working with a #content writing #agency can be a blessing. Or a curse.🤔

Just like #freelance #blog #writers are ideal in some scenarios, so too is a content writing agency.

The trick is to know where they excel and where they fall short, so read on!


#Growthhacking sounds smart. Sounds sophisticated. Sounds edgy.💥

Trouble is that your #data is bullshit. Not some of the time. But most of the time.

#Statistics lie. #Data lies.

Here, take a look for yourself.👀


The internet world we live in requires #marketers to put on their #promotional caps and wrangle leads in like bulls in the pasture. And it means that the #UX has to get trampled a bit.💻

But that's the only way, right? WRONG. 👀


We wanted to put our #money where our mouth is and prove that #better content not only drives more #traffic and #leads but also can decrease #promotional costs, too.🧐

Check it out! 🚀


New: Virtually every #SaaS brand in existence now uses #content as part of their marketing strategy.📝

But let’s be honest: Most of this content isn’t very exciting.

A lot of it is downright boring. But it doesn’t have to be this way...😏


Creating a #content #growthstrategy that works these days is painstaking, hair-pulling, nap-inducing work.

Thankfully there are a few #shortcuts to help your process suck less and take your content growth strategy from zero to 100 real quick.😍


When it comes to emails, the worst offenders are the #SaaS email #marketing campaigns that borrow #BuzzFeed’s headline tricks without any of the self-indulgent #entertainment factors.📩

If your #customers are feeling the same way, read on. 🤗


#B2B content #marketing is really, really boring. And usually pretty bad on top of that.

So what exactly are you doing wrong? 🧐And what, if anything, can be done to make it right?

That’s what I want to #explore with you in this post.🗺️


Forget “must know.” How about some applied #knowledge for a change?🤓

Here is a #breakdown of the most important SaaS marketing #metrics and how to use them to #grow your #SaaS marketing efforts.👍


Today: Most B2B #contentmarketing best practices are bullshit.❌

Best practices are the tactics that most #B2B companies aren’t doing.

Here are some #bestpractices to nail that you probably won’t hear elsewhere.✔️


English ▾
#Content needs #purpose, #optimization , and most importantly, objective and #actionable goals.🏅

Without it? Your content is gonna flop. Hard.

Here’s how to develop a #unique content #strategy #framework that doesn’t suck.😏


#CaseStudy: If #quality is subjective, how exactly do you go about making something ‘better’?💭

Or even proving it to #customers, #bosses, and #clients?

That’s what we set out to answer in this content marketing case study.✨


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Where is Codeless.io headquarters?

Codeless.io headquarters is located at Lone Tree, Colorado.

When was Codeless.io founded?

Codeless.io was founded in 2014.

How many employees does Codeless.io have?

Codeless.io has 20-29 employees.

What is Codeless.io's core business?

Codeless.io is Marketing & Advertising company.

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