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ColorElephant is a boutique digital studio working remotely with clients all across the globe. We employ amazing project managers, engineers, strategists, designers, and more to deliver mobile and web products to our Fortune500 and startup clients.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with brands such as BMW, Microsoft, L’Oreal as well as with up and coming companies.

We help entrepreneurs strategise, design, develop, test and bring to live their online businesses.

We’re hiring: www.colorelephant.com/hiring

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Today we're announcing our acquisition by The Loop Co — leveraging our teams' expertise and track record to fast track their international expansion.

Read more here: https://colorelephant.com/theloopco-acquires-colorelephant/

There are a series of job offers being circulated on http://Indeed.com that are NOT from ColorElephant. We ask everyone affected to email us through our website.
Read our update:

Email is a pain ✉️ 😱

We've all been there. The endless stream of emails and notifications. The constant selling, automated sequences and what not.

But we still need email. A lot of us still live _in_ it. A few months back we got to work to make email slightly better 🧵 1/5

2) Perfect for a product marketer who's excited to launch and grow a range of new digital products in a friendly and supportive team @colorelephanthq

Remote anywhere in the world

We're still hiring —> http://careers.colorelephant.com
9+ positions open to grow our team and empower us to deliver great digital products <3
#jobs #remote #php #react #javascript #remoteonly #WorkFromAnywhere

Been using https://colorelephant.com/ to expand @reflectnotes engineering team and they've been absolutely fantastic.

@colorelephanthq Loved chatting with you guys today. Just amazed how you compressed so many insights into a short call. Thanks, Ricardo, Tiago & Patricia

We're #hiring:
#PHP (#Laravel)
#WordPress (Senior)
#ReactJS / #ReactNative

We're a small (30+), #remote team working with brands big and small!

Learn More and APPLY > https://colorelephant.com/hiring/


At ColorElephant we are proud to have a truly remote and decentralized team working from all corners of the globe, passionately following the same standards. 
#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #Nigeria #twitterng

You can apply for a #ReactNative or #PHP #remotejob here: https://colorelephant.com/hiring

Amazing. We opened two positions at @colorelephanthq — no advertisement in any site, <8h later we have ~40 applicants across both. This fills my heart with joy ❤️
#remoteworking #remote #php #reactnative

Subscribe to our Elephant's Digest and get a weekly summary of some of the most interesting articles and news in #technology #ecommerce #digital and #DigitalBusiness, curated by @ricardojrsousa 👇👇
First issue out Thursday!

Amazing work right here. So many possibilities <3

@colorelephanthq "pinta" plataforma de apoio ao comércio local com "vouchers" e a @RevolutBusiness https://www.jornaldenegocios.pt/economia/coronavirus/detalhe/colorelephant-pinta-plataforma-de-apoio-ao-comercio-local-com-vouchers-e-a-revolut?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter&utm_campaign=BotoesSite&utm_content=twitter via @JNegocios

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Where is ColorElephant headquarters?

ColorElephant headquarters is located at Porto.

When was ColorElephant founded?

ColorElephant was founded in 2012.

How many employees does ColorElephant have?

ColorElephant has 1-19 employees.

What is ColorElephant's core business?

ColorElephant is Internet company.

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