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Crawford Group empowers companies with expertise for marketing, communications, and events. Using a consultative approach, we work closely with our clients to develop scalable solutions that efficiently reach their business goals. Whether you need individual marketers or a whole managed team, our vetted experts can execute your projects and programs on time and within budget. And we get it done without disruption. Our experts truly understand your business, complement your capabilities, and appreciate your culture, so their presence is a natural extension of your internal teams. For over 20 years, weโ€™ve been helping marketers focus on the big picture and companies achieve measurable marketing results.

Crawford Group is honored to be a recipient of the 2021 Best of Staffing Client and Talent Awards for providing superior service to our clients and employees.

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Adobe Summit is here and so are we! Find us in the Adobe Summit app and let's connect. @Adobe #Marketing #Creative #Digital #Events @MichaelDaley @SarahEaton @LisaFerguson @DanaManfredi

Countdown to Adobe Summit! Weโ€™re excited to see you. Can we buy you a drink? #AdobeSummit #Marketing #Creative #Digital #Events
@Adobe @SarahEaton @LisaFerguson @DanaManfredi @MichaelDaley

Struggling to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the event industry? Join our exclusive Events Marketing Webinar to learn best practices and answers to the most pressing questions! #eventmarketing #webinar #virtualevents #hybridevents


Event team having trouble keeping up with demand - consider outsourcing with a Managed Marketing Service! Check out how one of our event marketing teams delivered 200+ corporate events and tradeshows. #CGMarketingconsultants #CGManagedMarketingService

Top Reasons You Need A Managed Marketing Service & Common Questions https://hubs.ly/H0Mg8qq0

Every virtual event has it challenges. How you handle them is what counts! #CGRockstar #CGMarketing #CGVirtualevents #CGConsultants #CGVirtualeventservices https://hubs.ly/H0L4Kqz0

A Managed Marketing Service is not your typical workforce solution. See how one of our clients found success. #CGManagedMarketingService
Managed Marketing Service for Integrated Marketing Programs https://hubs.ly/H0KP43n0

Grow your marketing impact while increasing productivity and reducing costs! #CGManagedMarketingService #CGMarketing #CGMarketingconsultants #CGManagedServiceManaged Marketing Service: An Innovative Marketing Team Solution https://hubs.ly/H0JT4QB0

Choosing the right virtual event for your organization can be challenging. Our full-service virtual event program can manage your next event from start to finish. Check out one of our success stories! #CGVirtualeventservices #CGVirtualevents

Shout out to some our newest team members! Daniel Lockwood โ€“ Production Designer, Lorena Fortuna - Marketing Program Manager, Kirk Newell - Director, Digital Marketing and Operations, Colleen Mcardle - Field Marketing Project Specialist. #CGRockstar #CGMarketingconsultants

When your webinar host cancels at the last minute, you need a team that can succeed in a high-pressure situation. Here's what happened when we faced this situation. #CGRockstar #CGMarketing #CGVirtualevents #CGConsultants #CGVirtualeventservices https://hubs.ly/H0HZByY0

Congratulations to Felice McDonnell on achieving 15 years with Crawford Group! We are truly grateful for your dedication, hard work, and efforts year over year. You deserve to be celebrated! #CGRockstar #CGMarketing #CGMarketingconsultants

Struggling to execute your next virtual event? Let us do it for you! We offer different program options for each unique situation. #CGVirtualeventservices #CGVirtualevents

Curious what the current virtual event landscape looks like? We've conducted a survey of marketing executives on their virtual event plans. Here are five key takeaways.

To host your own virtual event with the help of an experienced team, click here: https://hubs.ly/H0Hb8vm0

A guide to using curated content in your online marketing campaign.

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Where is Crawford Group headquarters?

Crawford Group headquarters is located at San Jose, CA.

When was Crawford Group founded?

Crawford Group was founded in 1997.

How many employees does Crawford Group have?

Crawford Group has 50+ employees.

What is Crawford Group's core business?

Crawford Group is Marketing & Advertising company.

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