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Dakota Software is the only provider of Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) solutions that deliver comprehensive regulatory content through an enterprise-level EHS management system. Our ProActivity Suite helps users determine which regulatory requirements are applicable to them and guides them in the creation of unique compliance profiles. It prompts continued compliance by automatically notifying users of forthcoming requirements and recent regulatory changes.

With a combination of snap-shot auditing and forward-looking analysis, ProActivity helps organizations put their EHS efforts in-step by providing visibility, insight, and guidance where and when it’s needed.

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Constantly evolving regulations and rising stakes around #EHS compliance highlight the importance of keeping an up-to-date regulatory register. Without it you risk safety incidents, reputation damage & even criminal penalties. https://www.dakotasoft.com/blog/2023/03/07/why-ehs-compliance-is-a-moving-target
#HealthandSafety #EHSsoftware

Decoding 3 of #OSHA's commonly misunderstood regulations. We examine requirements related to OSHA's General Industry vs. Construction standard, privacy concern information, and recording of injuries for Temporary and Contract Workers.
#EHS #HealthandSafety

Audits vs. Inspections: What EHS Leaders Should Know -March 9 @ 2:00pm ET
#EHS audits & inspections involve verifying #compliance with standards & protocols, but there are important differences EHS leaders should know to make these programs more effective.

Attending the @OhioBWC Safety Expo? Catch our session "Using QR Codes to Simplify Reporting of Safety Incidents" in the Knowledge Hub on March 9 from 12:30-1:00pm. For bulletproof #OSHA compliance and #safety management solutions, visit us at booth 906. | https://bit.ly/3YeEwkf

Attending the @OhioBWC Safety Expo? Catch our session "Using QR Codes to Simplify Reporting of Safety Incidents" in the Knowledge Hub on March 9 from 12:30-1:00pm. For bulletproof #OSHA compliance and #safety management solutions, visit us at booth 906. | https://bit.ly/3YeEwkf

“Final” may be premature, but it’s important for #EHS leaders to stay informed about how the recent #WOTUS developments could affect their day-to-day #environmentalcompliance programs.

📢 New #Safety & Regulatory Training Course Available | To make it easier to #recycle low-risk hazardous waste materials, the #EPA created "#UniversalWaste”. Learn the steps to ensure items in this class are handled and transported safely. https://dakotasoft.com/training-learning-management/courses/universal-waste

Audits and inspections are similar yet distinct activities in #EHS management. Understanding the key differences can help companies do both more effectively, providing confidence in their #compliance status and #safety performance.

A common argument heard by safety leaders is, "That's not an #OSHA regulation." The General Duty Clause is OSHA's ace up its sleeve, providing a universal basis for issuing citations even in the absence of specific regulations.
#workplacesafety #compliance

⚠️ Regulatory Update ⚠️
The @EPA finalized the revision of the definition of "Waters of the United States" and here's what you need to know. https://www.dakotasoft.com/blog/2023/01/19/epa-revises-definition-of-waters-of-the-united-states
#EPA #environmentalcompliance #regulatoryupdate

Make 2023 your best year yet for #EHS! Now is the perfect time to evaluate past initiatives to ensure future success.
#HealthandSafety #EnvironmentalCompliance #OSHA #ESG #SafetyCulture #ISO14001

An environmental audit is a thorough, methodical examination of an operation’s compliance status against a set environmental standard. The most effective audits are collaborative and include these key items.
#environmental #audit #compliance #ISO14001

When leveraged correctly, #EHS data can help uncover hidden #safety trends, avoid costly violations, and justify capital projects. Data-driven decision making begins with an assessment of data maturity.
#environmentalmanagement #businessintelligence

EHS managers can't be everywhere at one time. With a focused approach, the proper technological tools, and these key resources, managing EHS across multiple sites can be highly successful. https://www.dakotasoft.com/blog/2022/11/07/strategies-for-multi-site-ehs-management | #environmentalmanagement #healthandsafety #EHS #riskmanagement

Unlock the power of your #EHS data on Thursday, December 8th @ 2:00pm ET. Discover how Dakota Insights #BusinessIntelligence platform will help you on your journey to data-driven decision making. https://dakotasoft.zoom.us/webinar/register/5316697516747/WN_HQYAUoVGSdiC3Cf10sEAxw
#environmentalcompliance #riskmanagement #healthandsafety

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Where is Dakota Software headquarters?

Dakota Software headquarters is located at Cleveland, Ohio.

When was Dakota Software founded?

Dakota Software was founded in 1988.

How many employees does Dakota Software have?

Dakota Software has 50+ employees.

What is Dakota Software's core business?

Dakota Software is Computer Software company.

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