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Get more powerful websites and applications with Fastly’s edge cloud platform. We help places like Shopify, the NYT, and Stripe do so every day.

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If the possibilities of #AI both awes you 🤩 and terrifies you 😰 (because what about the #security and privacy risks?), then join us at #RSAC2023 to hear Liam Mayron, Ph.D., speak about how these tools will impact and shape security postures. Learn more: https://fastly.us/3Z7dA6f

Today, we launched a new @CRN rated 5-star partner program that significantly expands & simplifies the ability for partners to deliver high-value, complete solutions. ⭐️ Fastly's CEO, @tnight spoke with CRN's @KyleAlspach about the new program. https://fastly.us/40FzkaI

Learn about @fastly's Next-Gen WAF (web application firewall), & how they've extended the solution to Lambda functions, supporting customers looking to embed additional layers of security into their serverless workloads. ☁️🔓 https://go.aws/3mN6Wog

This week marked the 🎉 of Nowruz (meaning “new day” in Persian), which is usually celebrated on the 1️⃣st day of spring/the start of the new year in Iran & Afghanistan! Fastly wishes everyone a Happy Nowruz (in Farsi: Eid-e-shoma mubarak!)

Join us in spotlighting our next Fastlyan for #WHM, Alicia Pritchett, Strategic Account Executive. We asked Alicia the following questions:

Who doesn't love the idea of a base-12 number system? 🤓 In honor of duodecimal and Fastly's 12th Anniversary this month, we're celebrating 12 Fastly milestones from the past 12 years, curated by @deflatermouse, Fastly Co-Founder, himself! 👇 #TwelveYearsHappenedFastly

Seriously simple application security. Security is complex. We know that, but we make it as frictionless as possible to deploy Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF and protect 🔒your apps today without interruptions to the 💼 business. 👉 https://fastly.us/3J1tp8H

📆 If you're not counting down the days to #RSAC2023, you should be! We're incredibly excited to be part of one of the biggest #security events of the year, mostly because we love chatting all things security w/ you all. We'll see you at Booth #1743📍! https://fastly.us/3JoOlrj

The "implemented in 45 minutes" thing is, wildly enough... real. But obviously that’s not the whole story. The bigger picture is: Oblivious HTTP (I love that name) is serious privacy tech, and it kinda feels like one of the things @Fastly was sort of born to help enable. https://twitter.com/ekr____/status/1636781065519120384

We want to catalyze a shift in the #Fediverse conversation where the primary focus becomes how we encourage communities w/ effective, welcoming management & brilliantly creative participants. Here's what we expect to see in the future of the fediverse 👉 https://fastly.us/3FfrGvi

Development, Operations and Security. 3️⃣ teams with 3️⃣ very different priorities, yet it’s important they find ways to work together in ways they haven’t before in order to work effectively and efficiently 🤝. https://fastly.us/3L4i7Tz

📢 📢 Users don’t have to choose b/w protecting their privacy & enjoying the internet! ⚖️
🤝 Meet Fastly OHTTP Relay, which allows you to work with @googlechrome's FLEDGE service to receive critical request data from end users w/o the identifying metadata. https://fastly.us/3YJUCTb

⚡️ @loveholidays is one of the fastest growing online ✈️ travel agencies in Europe with 5 million users/month. Fastly ensures that they can move ⚡ lightning fast, including the 18% improvement in their TTFB. Learn more: https://fastly.us/3Ta0CmV

It’s #WHM & we invited some of the incredible women building our business to reflect on the importance of #WHM & storytelling. Kate Stephens, a Sr Account Manager based in Brighton, England. She joined Fastly in 2020 & has been a tremendous advocate for Women and gender equality!

📸 Why did we love #HackCU so much? It was the perfect combination of our favorite things: Colorado, Glitch, & inventing! We were incredibly proud to sponsor the event, & see all the great things created, like Sprig, which was created entirely in Glitch! https://fastly.us/3yilw9F

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Where is Fastly headquarters?

Fastly headquarters is located at San Francisco, CA.

When was Fastly founded?

Fastly was founded in 2011.

How many employees does Fastly have?

Fastly has 50+ employees.

What is Fastly's core business?

Fastly is Internet company.

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