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GetThru was created by veterans of Bernie 2016, where we helped build the campaign’s historic voter contact operation. In the process, we saw the need for better technology for large scale 1-to-1 interaction that reaches people where they are—on their cell phones. So after leaving the campaign, we created ThruText, our P2P texting platform. Two years later, we released our phone calling solution, ThruTalk.

More than 1,000 organizations— including political campaigns, advocacy groups, unions, colleges, universities, independent schools, and government agencies—have used our tools. They’ve sent over 180 million text messages and made more than 40 million calls for event recruitment, volunteer engagement, fundraising, voter identification and outreach, polling, and more. And while our roots are in progressive politics, we love partnering with organizations of all kinds that share our passion for creating a better world.

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"It has been a privilege to be at the helm of a company with such profoundly inspiring clients."

In the latest from the blog, our Outgoing CEO + Founder reflects on the last 6 years, & we introduce you to our new CEO: https://www.getthru.io/blog/meet-our-new-ceo

We're hiring! Are you our next VP of Finance & Operations? https://getthru.freshteam.com/jobs/5l-me-dbG0IL/vp-of-finance-and-operations-remote

Very excited to be part of this webinar on union engagement! Best part is, if you're interested to know more about keeping your members amped to organize, there's still time to register: https://www.ecanvasser.com/union-organizing-webinar

Our tools aren't just used by unions—now they're union made. 🤌 Welcome, @gtworkersunited!

ThruText/ThruTalk = the choice for anyone looking to authentically connect with their audience & see better ROI on their campaigns, from fundraisers to field organizers! It's a pleasure to support the important work of nonprofits, higher ed institutions & political campaigns 🥳

Concerned that including opt-out language in your peer-to-peer texting campaigns will just encourage most opt-outs? Think again. We've got 4 tips for using opt-out language while still staying in touch with your audience: https://www.getthru.io/blog/4-tips-for-texting-opt-outs

"While the metrics across the campaign were generally very healthy and included some of the highest response rates that year, the most impressive metric of all was [...] 605% ROI on peer-to-peer texting."

How our clients achieved this historic ROI: https://www.getthru.io/mwd-sca

Stay hydrated, stay hopeful. And in case you needed the reminder, there's an election tomorrow. Go vote.

At the end of this month, we'll be retiring our Legacy ThruTalk dialer. We wrote it—and you—a little something to say, thank you for being a friend: https://getthru.link/tysm

📢📢📢 This morning there was an automated attack on our login page. We responded immediately with a number of security measures, including forced password resets. We are confident the incident is now resolved and we apologize for any inconvenience to our clients! More info in 🧵

Due to a security incident this morning we've implemented additional security measures including enabling Multi-Factor Authentication for all users.

Users should see an email from us detailing the nature of the incident and our response. Email [email protected] for 🆘

We're so proud to support game-changing work like that of the Texas Kids First Foundation. Thank you, gracias, merci, grazie, danke, شكرا لك for trusting ThruText to be your partner!

Well since we're doing dialer discourse, here's the most important calling metric, why you might be missing it, and what to do about it: https://www.getthru.io/blog/the-most-important-phonebanking-metric

Happy #NationalVoterRegistrationDay — one of our favorite holidays! It's not too late to check your registration status, and certainly not too late to sign up for the best tools to reach voters: http://getthru.io/get-started

No better way to start a Monday on the bird app than this. No better way to reach your supporters than with our new dialer.

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Where is GetThru headquarters?

GetThru headquarters is located at Oakland, CA.

When was GetThru founded?

GetThru was founded in 2016.

How many employees does GetThru have?

GetThru has 50+ employees.

What is GetThru's core business?

GetThru is Telecommunications company.

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