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Next-generation Apple device management for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS.

Drawing on decades of experience in Apple IT, we saw a dire need for a device management platform that could accommodate growing businesses and increasing regulatory demands. Existing solutions were either overly simplistic or mind-numbingly complex, and didn’t meet the needs of today’s organizations. We knew there had to be a better way — so we built Kandji.

At Kandji, we believe everything should be as intelligent as it is intuitive and as powerful as it is beautiful.

We’re backed by the best, too.

Behind our business is a handful of the best investors in tech. Together, we are creating a new category of device management that can better serve modern businesses.

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The Mac might predate the iPhone and iPad by a couple of decades. But when it comes to security and IT-friendly enhancements, macOS has been taking its cues from iOS for years. Kandji's Caleb Basinger explains: https://hubs.ly/Q01bM3yL0

Check this out if you can. I'll be a panelist and participant! Looking forward to discussing Apple's growth potential in the enterprise. https://twitter.com/KandjiMDM/status/1527004788394688525

The Update presented by Kandji is coming to San Francisco. Join us in-person or virtually as leading experts discuss the state of Apple IT and Security today and tomorrow. RSVP today. Space is limited. https://www.kandji.io/events/the-update/

APIs are the glue that holds the Apple IT ecosystem together: They provide visibility into devices, enable security protocols, integrate services, and much much more. Here's what every Mac admin should know about APIs and how they work. https://hubs.ly/Q01b9X6j0

Dark Reading just published a piece by Chaim Mazal, Kandji's CISO and SVP of Engineering, in which he explains how Apple IT and security professionals can safeguard their organizations in a time of global conflict and uncertainty: https://hubs.ly/Q01b39Yc0

Has your device management solution suddenly gone glitchy? The source of the problem—and the solution—could be in Apple Business Manager. Here's how to troubleshoot some of its most common problems. https://hubs.ly/Q019YGw_0

Kandji's new Recovery Password library item lets admins configure and apply recovery and firmware passwords, which can in turn protect Mac computers against unauthorized startup commands. https://hubs.ly/Q019V8MQ0

In case you missed our interview with SAP's @rtrouton this morning, on "The Great Debate: Admin or Standard Users?", here's what he had to say: https://hubs.ly/Q019bC5K0

It's the age-old question for Mac admins: Should your users have admin or standard accounts? Join Kandji's Steven Vogt and SAP's Rich Trouton at 10:00 AM PT as they discuss the great debate! https://hubs.ly/Q019b1hk0

Logs can tell you the story of what's really happening on a Mac computer. That makes them indispensable tools for Apple admins. Mike Boylan explains how the log command works and how it can help you investigate and troubleshoot problems. https://hubs.ly/Q018-SDh0

Two years ago, IT admins helped the workplace go remote. Now many organizations have adopted a new hybrid model—partly remote, partly in the office. So we asked our readers: How's that going for you? https://hubs.ly/Q01884CV0

Zero-touch deployments are crucial in the new hybrid workplace. Here's how they work and how they can help your org save time and improve security: https://hubs.ly/Q017LfR80

My latest Forbes founding CEO profile: Fast-Growing Kandji Provides Platform For Managing Apple Devices For The Enterprise https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucerogers/2022/04/04/fast-growing-kandji-provides-platform-for-managing-apple-devices-for-the-enterprise/ via @forbes

Kandji CEO & co-founder Adam Pettit sat down with @Forbes to discuss his journey from lifelong Apple enthusiast to founder, the rise of @Apple in the enterprise, Kandji's explosive growth and how we're helping global workforces be more secure & productive. https://bit.ly/3LHAn2m

We've updated Auto Apps to let admins decide who controls notifications for those apps. Read all about it: https://hubs.ly/Q016-9yt0

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Where is Kandji headquarters?

Kandji headquarters is located at San Diego, California.

When was Kandji founded?

Kandji was founded in 2018.

How many employees does Kandji have?

Kandji has 50+ employees.

What is Kandji's core business?

Kandji is Computer Software company.

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