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Leadfeeder is a website visitor analytics software that shows you the companies visiting your website, how they got there, and what pages they clicked.

Think of us like your lead generation, account-based marketing, and sales intelligence tool all rolled into one, like a burrito.

Simply install the Leadfeeder Tracker script in less than 5 minutes! The Leadfeeder Tracker will reveal up to 30% more companies in close to real-time (fresh leads every hour).

You can try Leadfeeder Premium free for 14 days (no credit card required).

Plus, we integrate with multiple tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • MailChimp
  • Pipedrive
  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • And, many more!

We are an international startup headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

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B2B buyers use up to ten channels to interact with potential suppliers online. Source: McKinsey #b2b #sales #b2bsales

In 2021 81% of marketers used their LinkedIn profiles to market their businesses. It was the second-most popular social media platform among B2B marketers worldwide β€” the first one being Facebook (89%). Source: Statista #statistics #socialmedia

Accordding to http://Muse.com, 72 percent of young Business Development Specialists say they’ve regretted their new job after starting it. To avoid this situation read what to expect: https://www.leadfeeder.com/blog/bds-saas-company/ #businessdevelopment #sales https://www.leadfeeder.com/blog/bds-saas-company/

Google has made it clear that the authors of your blogposts will continue to become a stronger content-quality indicator in 2023. Making clear who the authors of your content are and their areas of expertise will make your content more authoritative. #marketing #google

Gating tons of content just to generate a high-volume of leads is no longer the most effective strategy. Instead, create in-depth, useful ungated content targeting organic keywords. #marketing #demandgen #tips

Last chance to sign up for our upcoming webinar! Join us tomorrow at 3PM CET | 9AM EST to learn about closing more sales deals with Leadfeeder. Register here: https://get.leadfeeder.com/custom-feeds-sales-webinar/ You can't miss it! #webinar #sales

A strong presence on review sites is a great way to target high-intent users and secure new customers. Definitely add this piece of the puzzle to your #demandgeneration program. #tips #marketing

You spend a lot of time creating content, so make the most of it. Rework your existing pieces into other content like podcasts or videos. The goal is to generate demand, so you want to reach as many people as possible. #tips #marketing #sales

81 percent of people have abandoned an online form after beginning to fill it out. IP tracking tools allow you to track companies even if they abandon your forms and get a better understanding of their buyer journey. #leads #data #iptracking

You don't have to gate content to generate leads πŸ™Œ Why? Use IP tracking tools to see who downloaded your materials. #marketing #content #iptracking

For some people split means separation, for us Split means merger. Check out the wrap up video summarizing our recent teamweek where for the first time both companies @Leadfeeder and @echobot met and brainstormed as one. https://youtu.be/jft5Uy3sEOw
#leadfeeder #echobot #team

Video marketing is on the rise, but many companies struggle to track whether users actually interact with their videos. IP tracking tools allow you to see what companies are watching your videos and if your videos are reaching your ICP. #marketing #tracking #data

Using IP enrichment data, businesses can turn marketing automation into a super-smart personalized experience. Agree? #marketingautomation #marketing #data

With IP intelligence you can incorporate firmographic data into your #analytics (e.g. Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics) so the platform will be able to show you the company, industry, size, and other data about the companies engaging with your #marketing efforts.

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Where is Leadfeeder headquarters?

Leadfeeder headquarters is located at Helsinki, Uusimaa.

When was Leadfeeder founded?

Leadfeeder was founded in 2012.

How many employees does Leadfeeder have?

Leadfeeder has 50+ employees.

What is Leadfeeder's core business?

Leadfeeder is Internet company.

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