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Localize offers a full-featured, cloud-based Translation Management System (TMS) for translating websites, mobile applications, and documents. Our solution includes an automatic content detection and delivery system that improves efficiency, reduces cost, and increases time to market.

Localize makes it easy for content managers and translators to propose, review, & publish translations right in the dashboard. For companies without in-house translators, we provide access to high-quality, on-demand translations through our network of professional translators.

Our easy to install plugin fits neatly into your existing technology stack. The technology powering the Localize Platform was built from the ground up to minimize the need for engineers in the localization process. This reduces costs by enabling non-technical personnel to manage the localization workflow. Getting started is easy. Start your free trial today!

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Sept. 27-28th, our #EngineeringLead Derek Binkley will be speaking at the #JavaScript Global Summit '22 🔥

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#Translation isn't always straightforward. In fact, most of the time, you're contending with #slang that can't be translated verbatim 👀

Read our top tips to translate slang effectively here https://bit.ly/3Ur2yb3

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80% of people are more likely to watch an entire video when #subtitles or closed captions are available 💡

Reach your #global audience right where they are with #translated subtitles.

#Localize #LocalizeForSubtitles

Compatible with both audio and video projects, adding #translated #subtitles creates a seamless, accessible experience for your global audience.

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Join us Sept. 27-28th, for the #JavaScript Global Summit '22, where Localize's #FullStackEngineer Derek Binkley will be speaking on how to Build your first serverless API on AWS 📣

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Working together has never been easier. Seamlessly collaborate with #translators, #developers, #marketers and more from all over the world, right from your Localize dashboard.

Schedule a demo today to find out more: https://bit.ly/3d5w6ds

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As a #SaaS company, we know firsthand, how important saving valuable development resources can be. This is why we’ve packed our platform with #development integrations and workflow tools that help automate and simplify the translation process even further.

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Whether you say “center” or “centre” can speak volumes to your audience.

Tailoring your message to the local dialect has an even bigger impact than you think. In some cases, it even has the power to make or break your #marketing strategy.

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For those of you wondering why that leather sofa you were discussing just showed up as an ad on Youtube, you aren’t crazy.

Here are 3 of the Top #Global Marketing Trends of 2022 to keep an eye on 🌎 https://bit.ly/3KHebWU

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Not all machine translation engines are equal.

In fact, some work better for certain languages than others. To help with this, we have something exciting in the works so you can make the best choice when it comes to your machine translations 🔜

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If you’re an #affiliate #marketer struggling with competition in your niche, then expanding into non-English speaking markets might give you a better #ROI outcome 💸

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Wondering which #localization workflow is right for you?

Find out more about your options here ⬇️


Successful event promotion, a rise in site visitors, significantly lower developer costs and marked international SEO results in 4 languages 📈

Find out how The Standard used #Localize to engage their global customers: https://bit.ly/3Pu90dr

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Fun fact: did you know some cultures consider pointing with your index finger offensive? 👈 Learn more about unique cultural differences: https://localizejs.com/articles/cultural-differences-9-surprising-customs-from-around-the-world/


Want to say goodbye to constant file transfers, endless email threads, and overdue translation deadlines? Learn how to make #localization easier than ever.


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Where is Localize headquarters?

Localize headquarters is located at Kingston, NY.

When was Localize founded?

Localize was founded in 2015.

How many employees does Localize have?

Localize has 20-29 employees.

What is Localize's core business?

Localize is Translation & Localization company.

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