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RoundGlass brings wellness to the people and empowers you on your wellbeing journey. Our mission is simple, yet ambitious: inspire people to embrace a life of Wholistic Wellbeing to create a happier, healthier, and more joyful world. We work to achieve this by investing in and developing new technology, sharing knowledge, and focusing on action for the good of the individual, community, and the wider world.

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Burnout is your body asking to be heard. You can try to ignore it, but it will only speak louder. #Mindfulness teacher @YaelShy1 has been there, and she has tips for hearing the body out: http://bit.ly/3T9MOIY

#meditation #burnout #meditate #stressrelief #stress__buster

Are you forgoing breaks in the name of productivity? We'd love to count the million reasons why that's a bad idea, but to save you precious time, we'll leave this calming 3-minute movement intervention here: http://bit.ly/3TaLuFL

#meditation #StressAwarenessMonth

How can organizations unlock the full potential of their employees?
A winning workplace #wellbeing strategy.
We teamed up with @ETHrWorld to get specific on what brings results β€” & what isn't going to cut it with today's workforce. http://bit.ly/40g5tWy


Could your shower be the stress-relieving oasis you never knew you had? #Meditation teacher @MrCurtisSmith shows you how to get a deeper cleanse by letting the water refresh your mind: http://bit.ly/3L9PzrO

#mindfulness #mindfulliving #stressmanagement #stressrelief

Too much sitting, stress, or both today? Break up tension with these simple, targeted movements from yoga teacher Shani Dayal: http://bit.ly/3ZxEvt6

#RoundGlassLiving #meditation #stressrelief #stressmanagement #relaxation #mindfulness #MentalHealthMatters

We don't want you to hear the end of this story. But we do hope you'll listen just long enough to drift into pleasant dreams: http://bit.ly/3TiL6oU

#WorldSleepDay #SleepMeditation #sleep #music #meditationmusic #meditate

Release that last bit of restlessness with soothing Yin Yoga and breathwork. Best of all, you can do this whole practice from bed: http://bit.ly/3Ja9zYR

#yoga #sleep #WorldSleepDay #meditation #yogapractice #Mindfulness

Relax your shoulders. Now soften your jaw. Doesn't that feel better? Try easing your whole body this way before you fall asleep. Mindfulness teacher @jayvidyarthi will guide you: https://bit.ly/3IHch7S

#meditation #mindfullness #meditate #sleep #thursdaymorning

Happy International Women's Day! We invite you to join the women of RoundGlass on the journey of wholistic wellbeing. Because when women thrive, we rise.

#InternationalWomensDay2023 #InternationalWomensDay

Trouble sleeping? Research suggests writing out your worries and to-dos before bed can help. To maximize the effects, follow it with this meditation using hypnotherapy techniques to relax your mind: http://bit.ly/3Yp4x00

#meditation #sleep #relaxation #Mindfulness

#Happiness doesn't only spring from perfect moments. It's also available to us during trying times. #Mindfulness teacher @LisaKring2 shows you exactly where to look: http://bit.ly/3IHch7S

#meditation #meditate #mindful #selfcare

Sadness has its wisdom. It can point us toward what we want in life. The key is to feel it without letting our thoughts fuel it. Try this 3-minute practice to see what we mean: http://bit.ly/3xZungw

#Meditation #Mindfulness #problemsolving #deepthoughts #selfcare #wellness

A better mood can really happen this quickly. Meditation teacher and neuroscientist [email protected]_vago explains how to ease your mind instantly: http://bit.ly/3m6lJtS

#RoundGlassLiving #SelfLove #breathe #breathingmeditation #meditation #WholisticWellbeing

If winter's darker, colder days have you down, these five poses will encourage the upward flow of energy in your body for a majorly uplifting effect. Tap the link to try!

#selflove #yoga #meditation #yogapractice #healthyhabits #breathing

Your friends can count on you for words of comfort, but can you count on yourself? If you hesitated, even just a little, the yoga class we linked is for you - https://roundglass.com/living/meditation/classes/yoga-for-self-love

#RoundGlassLiving #SelfLove #Yoga #BeKindToYourself

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Where is RoundGlass headquarters?

RoundGlass headquarters is located at Bellevue, WA.

When was RoundGlass founded?

RoundGlass was founded in 2014.

How many employees does RoundGlass have?

RoundGlass has 50+ employees.

What is RoundGlass's core business?

RoundGlass is Health, Wellness & Fitness company.

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