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Slack has transformed business communication. It’s the leading channel-based messaging platform, used by millions to align their teams, unify their systems, and drive their businesses forward. Only Slack offers a secure, enterprise-grade environment that can scale with the largest companies in the world. It is a new layer of the business technology stack where people can work together more effectively, connect all their other software tools and services, and find the information they need to do their best work. Slack is where work happens.

Ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace where we learn from each other is core to Slack’s values. We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives. We are an equal opportunity employer and a pleasant and supportive place to work.

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Flexible work is overwhelmingly preferred by employees and, according to @FutureForum, it may actually strengthen your team in the long run. 💪

Next week, executives at @IBM and Slack will share a blueprint to set up your team for success. Join us: https://bit.ly/3Nkb0o6

This Global #AccessibilityAwarenessDay, we’re celebrating another year of major accessibility improvements. Let’s revisit the highlights...

I've partnered with @SlackHQ to examine how businesses can build healthier workplaces by offering #flexibleworking and using #technology to encourage transparent communication. Read one piece here: https://bit.ly/38z3Ygf #MentalHealthAwareness

A moment of relief brought to you by huddles 🎧

There's no time like the present, unless you're in different time zones. Use Scheduled Send to bring messages to your teammates at the times that work best for their schedules. ⏰ 🌎 #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

Have patience with the process. 🐝 💪 #ShareKindness #MentalHealthMonth

Our friends at Future Forum wrote a book, and it's available today! Grab your copy to start the conversation on your team. http://howthefutureworks.org/

Big decisions time: If you could only use one reacji for the rest of your professional life, which one would it be?🍿👀

Even small adjustments can make work more manageable. Pre-order Future Forum's book today. 📖

Get your hot cocoa ready—it’s time for another fireside chat! @kateleggett from @forrester and Andy Haas from @DeloitteDigital will share the tools and tactics of today’s most effective customer service teams. 🧠 https://bit.ly/3PtSJqn

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Where is Slack headquarters?

Slack headquarters is located at San Francisco, California.

When was Slack founded?

Slack was founded in 2009.

How many employees does Slack have?

Slack has 50+ employees.

What is Slack's core business?

Slack is Computer Software company.

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