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At Torch we believe leadership matters. We believe leadership isn’t about titles or roles, but rather mindsets and behaviors. Anyone who takes responsibility for the success of those around them is a leader. That’s why our mission at Torch is to develop leaders by fueling professional growth through the power of trusted relationships. Every day Torch users create meaningful connections with coaches, mentors, and peers that help them transform as professionals—and as people.

Backed by top-tier investors, Torch is a fast-growing, mission-driven SaaS startup comprised of people who are passionate about helping leaders, their teams, and their organizations achieve their full potential. By combining coaching, mentoring, and collaborative learning in an integrated platform, Torch helps leading brands like American Express, Allstate, and Reddit, design programs that drive the success of their people—and their organization.

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Torch is sponsoring @Josh_Bersin's Irresistible Conference next week! Hear Cynthia Burks, former CHRO @genentech, discuss what it takes to create a coaching culture within your organization.

Find out more here: http://ow.ly/hJQh50JcBWm

Join us for a Torch webinar hosted by @atd on May 25th. Register here: http://ow.ly/s88q50Jbx7N

Behavioral scientists, Mandy Varley & @LorienElleman will provide a roadmap for how orgs can prove the ROI of their people development programs.

Happy International Coaching Week from the team at Torch!

Thank you to all our coaches and their ability to help others grow by enabling participants to be more effective individual contributors, managers, and leaders. We appreciate you! Learn more here: http://torch.io/leadership-coaching/

Are you in Orlando at @atd May 15th - 18th?

Stop by booth 739 to meet the Torch team and enter our raffle. We will be announcing a winner every half hour! If you are interested in setting up a meeting in advance, let us know here: http://ow.ly/rqt850J3shW

"We needed a solution that could be conveniently used during a busy day full of competing priorities. Creating a way to make connection where new managers could benefit from the expertise of our experienced managers was key to the success and scaling of the program.” - Torch User

We're excited to dive into a deeper conversation about creating structure, finding organizational success, and @rachelbpacheco's book 'Bringing Up The Boss' on May 31st.

Join us for a LIVE, virtual conversation here: http://trch.info/lbtb_pacheco_li
#LiveEvents #Book #Structure

If you’re interested in attending Torch's @atd live session 5/18 and want a customized ROI profile spun up for your organization, register here: http://ow.ly/Ujir50J3aMC

#ATD #Webinar #RetentionStrategy

Will you be at @atd May 15th - 18th?

Schedule time to meet with the Torch team and as thank you, you will walk away with a top-end bluetooth portable speaker! Book a meeting in advance here: http://ow.ly/FBKX50J39LO

"Meeting with my mentor has been tremendously helpful. They support me in thinking strategically about my career path, while also sharing important tools for networking. My mentor and I have a relationship that carries beyond this program and I am thankful for that.” - Torch User

You’re invited! Join us as we continue our ‘Lead by the Book’ conversation series with author @rachelbpacheco. Register here: http://trch.info/lbtb_pacheco_li

RSVP to hear Rachel and Elizabeth Weingarten unpack the building blocks of creating structure.
#Empathy #LeadershipDevelopment

Theory that people are willing to return to the office isn’t aging so well. BigCo’s that required return to 3 days a week in office are pulling back.

Employees who can’t control when/ where they work quit at 2.5x rate compared to those who can.

Remote work is here to stay.

Torch will be hosting a live session at @atd in Orlando on Wednesday, May 18th at 10:30 am - 11:30 am ET.

If you’re interested in attending and want a customized ROI profile spun up for your organization, register here: http://trch.info/atd_roi
#Webinar #ATD #RetentionStrategy

This eBook from the behavioral scientists at Torch offers a step-by-step guide to measuring the ROI of your leadership development programs. Download now: http://trch.info/roi_ebook_twitter

#eBook #Download #Retention

The Torch People Development Cycle is a model rooted in key psychological and learning theories that is designed to help individuals learn, grow and change. Download: http://ow.ly/nT8550IWacG

#eBook #PeopleDevelopment #Leadership

Are you attending @atd 2022 in Orlando? Stop by Torch's booth to meet the Torch team and enter our raffle!
#ATD #LeadershipDevelopment #Conference

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Where is Torch headquarters?

Torch headquarters is located at San Francisco, California.

When was Torch founded?

Torch was founded in 2017.

How many employees does Torch have?

Torch has 50+ employees.

What is Torch's core business?

Torch is Professional Training & Coaching company.

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