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At Torch we believe leadership matters. We believe leadership isn’t about titles or roles, but rather mindsets and behaviors. Anyone who takes responsibility for the success of those around them is a leader. That’s why our mission at Torch is to develop leaders by fueling professional growth through the power of trusted relationships. Every day Torch users create meaningful connections with coaches, mentors, and peers that help them transform as professionals—and as people.

Backed by top-tier investors, Torch is a fast-growing, mission-driven SaaS startup comprised of people who are passionate about helping leaders, their teams, and their organizations achieve their full potential. By combining coaching, mentoring, and collaborative learning in an integrated platform, Torch helps leading brands like American Express, Allstate, and Reddit, design programs that drive the success of their people—and their organization.

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In the next chapter of our 'Leadership (Re)Development' series, @elizabethw723 will be joined by @CatherineGarrod. She'll share the story of how she changed that status quo by embedding conscious inclusion into leadership development. RSVP today! http://ow.ly/Qk6b50KIeqG

You’re invited! Join us for the next installment of our "Leadership (Re)Development" conversation series with @CatherineGarrod, Founder of Compelling Culture and Former Head of Inclusion at Sky. Register here: http://ow.ly/h4Sm50KyikR

How do you know if Coaching is working? Torch Coach, Danielle Francis takes a look:
#coaching #leadershipcoaching #leadershipdevelopment


We're excited to be featured on Y Combinator's list of Top Companies in 2022. We're grateful for the recognition of the progress we're making against our mission to fuel professional growth through the power of trusted relationships. http://ow.ly/IQ3150KsGSw

"My mentor is very helpful in helping me create a personal brand and manage up. I enjoy their style, they are sharp and to the point. They have sparked ideas and inspired me to do things I wouldn’t have done otherwise. This has been a valuable experience for me" - Torch User

"My coach is very supportive of me, helps me understand the feedback I have been given, and helps me create effective actions plans that allow me focus on getting to the next level in my career” - Torch User

In a randomized control trial, researchers found that formal mentoring programs positively affected employee:

"My whole life I’ve been navigating different cultures, trying to see where I belong, not being sure, and not wanting other people to feel that way. For better or for worse, the role I’ve played is bringing people together” -Sarah Chapman Bacerra

Read on: http://trch.info/leader_sarah_li

I'm hearing from customers across the board that managers are being asked to do more with less resources. In lean times, these people are doing the heavy lifting. These managers need support to avoid burnout. It's the number one reason companies are buying coaching right now.

How can organizations enable all employees to reach their full potential as people and leaders?

Join our @CLOmedia discussion between Tierra Terell-Johnson and @elizabethw723 on attracting and retaining the best and most diverse talent. Join us here: http://event.on24.com/wcc/r/3873486/860A209F2775AC99A347804F4828EA2D?partnerref=08.17.22_Torch

"My coach is one of the best coaches I have ever collaborated with. They provide a safe space, spend time to learn about me individually, and coach me through a process of self-discovery” - Torch User

Employee burnout due to the pandemic has created an increased need for workplace connection.

Tune in @redthreadre's podcast with @StaciaGarr, @danij2, @cpirie, and Matthew Gosney, VP Org Development @uchealth. Listen here: http://redthreadresearch.com/the-great-reconnection-podcast-episode-2/ https://redthreadresearch.com/the-great-reconnection-podcast-episode-2/

The NEW Inclusive People Development Playbook is designed to give you the tools to create your own inclusive people development strategy and set you up for success to retain employees and help them grow. Download here: http://trch.info/dev_ebook_li

#ebook #leadership #peoplestrategy

Join us TOMORROW for a live conversation between @donandrewmoore and @BazermanMax, and @elizabethw723! Register to learn more about the importance of cultivation in leadership. RSVP: http://trch.info/lbtb_dm_li.

Listening is one of those essential managerial skills that sounds simple, and is anything but.

Subscribe to our Curiouser Newsletter for more on topics such as this here: http://torch.io/blog/curiouser-science-lessons-01/ https://torch.io/blog/curiouser-science-lessons-01/

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Where is Torch headquarters?

Torch headquarters is located at San Francisco, California.

When was Torch founded?

Torch was founded in 2017.

How many employees does Torch have?

Torch has 50+ employees.

What is Torch's core business?

Torch is Professional Training & Coaching company.

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