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You can become the author of Jobicy. To do this, you need:
1. Expressing your values and ideas;
2. Sharing your personal experiences, including your successes and failures;
3. Crafting an interesting and informative story that will be beneficial for our readers.

Why publish an article on Jobicy? Publishing an article on Jobicy offers many benefits. It allows you to share your knowledge, receive feedback from readers, and organize your thoughts.

Benefits for the author:
1. Having your photo and a brief description of your professional activities featured at the top of your article.
2. The ability to include direct links to your personal or professional resources, which can be useful for our readers.

We cover a wide range of topics related to career development, including: hiring processes, job interview advice, job seeking, recruitment, staff retention, and more.

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Every day, we receive numerous article submissions. Unfortunately, the majority of these articles do not meet our standards for quality and are not published.

To avoid wasting your time and ours, please carefully read and adhere to the following guidelines:
  1. Your article must be original and not previously published in any other media outlets.
  2. The article should have a positive impact on the reader's life, whether it be through educating, entertaining, or inspiring them.
  3. Review our previously published articles and headings to understand the format we prefer. For example, if you plan to write about «Job Seeking» check if there have been any similar articles recently published on our site.
  4. If you plan to write about a topic such as "How Not to Ask for a Raise & the Best Way to Go About It," it is important that you have personal experience in this matter or have interviewed experts on the topic.
  5. Be prepared for revisions and editing as necessary.
  6. The article should not solely serve as a promotion for your products or services. The reader should be able to apply your advice without feeling pressure to purchase anything from you.

What topics to write articles on?

Jobicy is a Career Advice Journal. Based on this, we determine topics of interest to our magazine:
  • Career Development
  • CV Help & Tips
  • Hiring Process
  • Job Interview Advice
  • Job Seeking
  • Recruitment
  • Staff Retention
  • Salary & Legal

Of course, these are far from all aspects of an interesting workday life. Suggest your topics — we will gladly consider them.
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