Do not be afraid to write.
And not worry about wasting paper!

You can become the author of Jobicy. To do this, you need:
1. The desire to declare their values and ideas;
2. Willingness to share the experience of their own searches, trial and error;
3. The ability to make a story out of this that will be interesting and useful to our readers.

Why publish an article on Jobicy? To share experience, get feedback from readers, organize your knowledge. If we like the article, we will publish it with an indication of your authorship and a link to you.

Benefits for the author:
1. Your photo and a brief description of professional activities in the header of your article.
2. The ability to specify a direct link in the article to your resource (for example, to your service, which will be useful to Jobicy readers).

What are we writing about? We love Career Development, Hiring Process, Job Interview Advice, Job Seeking, Recruitment, Staff Retention and similar.

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Dozens of people send us articles daily. We do not publish most of these articles due to insufficient quality of material.

The only way not to waste your and our time is to carefully read the requirements and comply with them:
  1. Your article must be unique. Publication in other media outlets is not permissible.
  2. The article should change the life of the reader for the better: to teach, educate, entertain. Even better — all at once.
  3. Check out our published articles and headings to understand the format. For example, study the topic «Job Seeking». Use the search on the site to check if there have recently been any articles similar to yours.
  4. If you want to tell «How Not to Ask for a Raise & the Best Way to Go About It» — you should have practice in this matter. Or you should be able to interview experts.
  5. Be prepared that we ask you to finalize the material. Perhaps more than once.
  6. The benefit of the article should not be to purchase your product or service. The reader should be able to apply your advice to improve your life without buying anything from you.

What topics to write articles on?

Jobicy is a Career Advice Journal. Based on this, we determine topics of interest to our magazine:
  • Career Development
  • CV Help & Tips
  • Hiring Process
  • Job Interview Advice
  • Job Seeking
  • Recruitment
  • Staff Retention
  • Salary & Legal

Of course, these are far from all aspects of an interesting workday life. Suggest your topics — we will gladly consider them.
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