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I’m a problem-solving powerhouse with 8+ years of experience juggling QA, business ops, compliance, data analysis, macro engineering, and even IT & cybersecurity fundamentals. I’m a fast learner with a hands-on approach, and I’m chomping at the bit to make the switch to a remote cybersecurity analyst or auditor role. My business admin degree and natural knack for sniffing out solutions have helped me master diverse technical domains. I’m confident I can adapt to new challenges in a flash, bringing fresh perspectives and a get-it-done attitude to your team. I enjoy going to live sports like Hockey, Basketball, Baseball and Soccer.

Professional area


January 2017 - December 2018 Business Administration, Operations Management, Information Technology @ York College

Bachelors of Science Business administration


January 2024 Claims Analyst @ Schindler

Claim Assignment & Resolution: Assigned field claims to the responsible parties within the company for resolution, ensuring efficient handling of each case.

Thorough Investigations: Conducted thorough investigations for claims assigned to the factory, determining the validity of each claim and gathering evidence to support or refute field responsibilities.

Leadership Collaboration: Worked closely with leadership to verify claims, providing key insights and decision-making support.

Metrics Reporting: Regularly shared important company-wide information with leadership regarding latest metrics on claims, including responsible parties and material rejection notices.

Data Visualization: Organized data into comprehensive spreadsheets, utilizing pivot tables to create visually effective dashboards that clearly present total numbers and trends.

January 2024 - Present Safety Culture Analyst/ Administrator @ Schindler

Data Collection & Analysis: Collected and analyzed relevant data on safety opportunities, contributing to the overall safety strategy of the company.

Reporting & Initiatives: Compiled total safety numbers and reported them to the safety manager for the development of actionable safety initiatives.

Platform Administration: Administered the SafetyCulture platform, managing user access, including adding or removing users and resetting passwords or unlocking accounts.

Custom Template Design: Designed custom templates for company employees to report safety incidents, facilitating efficient data collection and reporting within the safety management system

August 2023 - present QA Inspector @ Schindler

Rigorous Compliance Audits: Conducted thorough audits on production, as well as outgoing and inbound shipments from domestic and international suppliers, maintaining a 100% compliance rate with stringent company policies.

VBA Code Proficiency: Actively maintained and debugged VBA code for Excel macros to ensure system uptime and operational efficiency.

Excel Macro Engineering: Engineered sophisticated Excel macros to streamline spreadsheet creation and workflow processes, reducing manual labor time by 97.5%.

Specialized Tracking Systems: Developed and implemented specialized Excel tracking systems for daily inspections and material management, significantly enhancing record-keeping accuracy.

Database Integrity: Ensured database integrity and optimized performance through regular maintenance, significantly improving data retrieval times.

Meticulous Sales Order Audits: Conducted detailed sales order audits utilizing meticulous Excel data analysis and visual documentation, contributing to a reduction in operational errors.

September 2021 Gig worker/Operator/Owner @ Sole Proprietor

Gig App Optimization: Optimized a portfolio of gig apps including UberX, UberEats, Lyft, Shipt, GrubHub, and Instacart, maintaining a 100% utilization rate during each scheduled shift.

Financial Goal Setting: Strategically set and achieved short-term and long-term financial targets, consistently exceeding weekly revenue goals.

Stellar Customer Service: Achieved top-tier customer ratings and garnered positive feedback through excellent customer service and a proactive attitude, leading to higher retention rates.

Language Proficiency: Leveraged fluency in Spanish to deliver tailored customer service, significantly boosting satisfaction rates among the Hispanic clientele.

Revenue Diversification: Diversified revenue streams by successfully expanding services beyond platform-based gigs, leading to an increase in private contracts.

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