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With over 4 years of experience in social media management, I am passionate about creating engaging and impactful content for various brands and platforms. I am currently a Social Media Manager at To The Moon Social, a boutique agency that specializes in social media marketing for lifestyle and wellness brands.

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2017 Bachelors of Arts @ New Mexico State University


November 2021 - June 2023 Social Media Manager and Community Manager @ To The Moon Social

• Developed monthly social media content calendars for diverse clients, focusing on intricate details. Crafted initial Instagram grid plans for coherent brand storytelling.
• Orchestrated content scheduling using leading platforms, ensuring consistent and punctual content delivery for sustained audience engagement.
• Efficiently managed content workflows by populating AirTable approval documents, facilitating seamless collaboration across teams and clients.
• Crafted compelling caption copy to weave engaging stories, sparking meaningful conversations and resonating with audiences.
• Infused creative flair into in-feed graphic assets, harmonizing aesthetics with brand identity to enhance visual appeal and elevate content quality.
• Managed Instagram and Facebook communities actively, re-sharing captivating IG Stories, responding to DMs with 24hours, and engaging with comments, nurturing real-time connections.

October 2021 - May 2022 Account Manager & Influencer Manager @ Meraki Creative Group

• Primary contact for account management, ensuring effective communication and understanding client needs for exceeding expectations.
• Implemented impactful social media strategies aligning with brand identity and company goals for enhanced visibility.
• Daily generation of engaging content across platforms, including text, visuals, videos, and new updates, fostering active community engagement.
• Orchestrated partnerships with industry influencers, crafting persuasive messages to expand brand reach and credibility.
• Resiliently managed crises, swiftly making decisions to uphold brand reputation in the digital landscape.

July 2018 - September 2019 Social Media Director & Content Creator @ Nordstrom

• Developed and executed comprehensive content calendars, ensuring consistent and engaging brand messaging across social media platforms.
• Captured and produced daily visual content, showcasing products, events, and brand experiences to drive online engagement and interaction.
• Formulated and executed a tailored Instagram strategy for Nordstrom Local stores, optimizing brand presence and resonance across local communities.

January 2018 - May 2019 Public Relations & Social Media Coordinator @ Le Mieux Cosmetics

• Fostered authentic interactions and sense of belonging among followers, nurturing a thriving online community.
• Led end-to-end creation and execution of promotional content on diverse social media platforms. Crafted resonating narratives and visuals aligned with Le Mieux Cosmetics’ brand ethos.
• Proactively engaged with potential and existing customers, providing personalized responses, addressing concerns, and cultivating positive brand experiences.
• Managed influencer relationships, from identification to collaboration and content amplification, leveraging influential voices for increased brand awareness.
• Achieved a noteworthy 10,000 organic Instagram follower increase in just 6 months, showcasing strategic content creation that engages and drives results.

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