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Hi my name is Yal Deng I am of Sudanese decent born in the capital city of sudan in 1999. My mother’s name is Ayak and my father’s name is Deng , I also have 3 siblings 1 is older than me and the other two are younger. I’m 24 years old, I immigrated to America legally when I was just 4 years old so I don’t remember much about the motherland. I was raised by a catholic background and am centerd in christ above all else I want to give this opportunity to share my love for christ. My family is well organized the house is never a mess. I keep everything respectfull even if i my not be getting the same feed back. My partents tought me to never quit seeing as though they divorced when i was just 9 years old. I had to watch my mother struggle to put food on the table and a roof over my head working in companies wihle i attentd school. I was a good student i finished with a gpa of about 3.0 in hgih school no thanks to my mom for always supporting me. I am a 3 year varsity letter winner in basketbalk i also ran track and played football. Im here with you now living my best life and looking forward to adding to my resume more top jobs like this one. how did you get your previous job? Well I applied online and I talked to mcdonalds and they set up an interview. I went to the interview and they hired me on the spot 3) what type of jobs have you had I started off by working for one of my coaches cutting grass for 10hr. I then moved on to my first real job at a call center where I worked there for 4 years and then I got my job at mcdonalds that I’ve been at for the past 2 years now.

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Start 03 06 2014 end 08 28 2017 Diploma @ North high school


Start 06 15 2022 end 08 15 2023 Crew member @ Mcdonlds

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