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I am a highly skilled system/cloud engineer with deep expertise in designing, implementing, and optimizing cloud-based solutions. Adept in both Azure and AWS cloud platforms with a strong foundation in cloud architecture, security, and automation. Proven track record in ensuring scalability, reliability, and cost-effective strategies. A proactive problem-solver with strong collaboration skills, excelling in cross-functional teams to drive innovation and deliver seamless cloud experiences.

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2021-2023 Bachelor @ UMGC


2020 - Currently Employed Sr Cloud Engineer @ The OpenNMS Group

Serve as the Principal Engineer responsible for the strategic oversight and maintenance of both B2B and B2C applications hosted on Azure and AWS, ensuring 24/7 availability and performance
Employ Terraform for infrastructure provisioning, ensuring efficient and repeatable deployment processes for critical workloads.
Administer workload configurations, including load balancer pool setups and secure access via bastion hosts, enhancing the overall security posture of Azure environments
Engineer, tailor, and manage a virtual office environment for an OpenNMS summit using WorkAdventure to enhance the attendee experience with a uniquely crafted digital workspace (Access Project Here)
Administer robust monitoring and reporting solutions via deployment of Grafana and Prometheus to while also using tools like CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and Nagios
Ensure business continuity through the creation of replica VMs for disaster recovery while provisioning and managing Linux-based virtual machines in Azure
Subject matter expert (SME) in Atlassian solutions, providing comprehensive support, administration, and oversight of the Atlassian suite, encompassing Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Trello, ITSM, and other key applications, ensuring optimal functionality and collaboration across the organization

2018 - 2020 Cloud Engineer @ ACS/ Inspiroz

Designed and implemented cloud infrastructure on Azure and AWS, employing high-availability and scalability principles to optimize system performance and resilience
Utilized infrastructure-as-code tools such as Terraform for AWS and Azure Resource Manager templates for Azure, ensuring automated provisioning and configuration of cloud resources, including the management of S3 buckets for data storage and retrieval
Implemented Docker for containerization and orchestration of applications, streamlining deployment, scalability, and management tasks, including building and maintaining custom Docker images
Implemented SonarCloud for code vulnerability review, code smell detection, and code scanning, facilitating continuous improvement of code quality and security
Developed and maintained APIs for seamless integration of cloud systems, enabling efficient communication and data exchange between different components of the cloud infrastructure
Documentation – write Standard of Procedures (SOPs), operation processes, and policies
Led the implementation of AWS resources and services, including managing user accounts, roles, and permissions in AWS IAM, configuring access control policies, and automating infrastructure provisioning using AWS CloudFormation
Apply patches/updates following the patching cycle on all AWS and on-prem environment/tiers (DEV, TEST, PROD) using Ansible and Saltstack

2016 - 2018 System Engineer/ Cloud Support Engineer @ Quest Logic Solutions

Leads the full-cycle implementation of a SAAS-based platform which provides B2B data visibility for operational teams
Served as the lead architect and technical writer, guiding a team of system engineers in the design, deployment, and management of intricate cloud solutions across Azure and AWS platforms
Monitor security and system logs to determine and resolve vulnerabilities
Responsible for user and group management
Built, installed, and configured Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Windows servers in a data center environment
Experienced in package management and Logical Volume Management (LVM)
Installed, configured, managed, maintained, and leveraged Nagios monitoring tool to monitor enterprise assets

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