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A qualified Customer Service Representative with more than three years of experience troubleshooting techniques and answering customer inquiries.

A highly motivated professional with excellent communication and multitasking skills. The experience I possess in conflict resolution and customer service would be an asset
to your organization.


1998/1999 GED @ Jonesboro High School
2021/2021 Administrative Assistant Certificate @ Aspire Academy


2019/2020pl Customer Service Representative @ FCR/Nintendo

• Researched assistance requested and offered accurate information to resolve issues and respond to inquiries.
• Answered inbound calls to greet and assist customers with various needs and questions.
• Resolved customer inquiries, complaints, and issues providing insightful solutions.
• Navigated multiple systems to identify source of issue.
• Provided solutions, recommendations and replacements with empathy and positive feedback.
• Resolved product and service issues promptly.
• Returned customer calls and responded to inquiries and complaints.
• De-escalated customer complaints using specialized communication techniques.
• Relayed new and relevant information to customers and followed up on promises.
• Completed paperwork for orders and new service actions.
• Offered products and services to meet customers’ needs and goals.
• Communicated with clients over phone, email and chat platforms.
• Documented detailed notes in CRM system to track customer interactions.
• Addressed customer concerns and complaints and resolved issues promptly.
• Handled escalated callers to reach positive outcomes.
• Built strong knowledge of product line to assist customers in selecting products.
• Met and exceeded daily service quality and performance goals.
• Used proven techniques to increase sales and promote high-value products.
• Engaged with customers to understand needs, resolve issues, and answer product questions.
• Determined charges for services requested, collected deposits, or payments, and arranged for billing.
• Followed scripts to maintain good call control.
• Referred customers to appropriate departments or personnel to swiftly resolve issues.
• Provided key information to supervisors regarding customer issues or complaints.
• Remained calm, composed and polite to deescalate aggressive customer behavior.
• Served as friendly first point of contact for customer inquiries.
• Educated customers by explaining complex details in easy-to-understand terminology.
• Made informed decisions under stressful circumstances.
• Updated customer accounts with current personal and purchasing information.
• Managed time by prioritizing workload and juggling multiple tasks simultaneously.

2021/2021 Unemployment Claims Specialist @ Accenture

• Set up meetings with applicants to collect information and explain the benefits process.
• Communicated with people from various cultures and backgrounds during the application process.
• Reviewed applications for various aid programs and determined which individuals met the eligibility requirements.
• Followed guidelines when reviewing applicant data to determine eligibility for financial assistance.
• Documented accurate descriptions of required job duties, working hours, and wages by writing job orders for employers.
• Provided re-employment services, job clubs, and job search assistance, as well as job-seeking skills training in group and individual settings.
• Conducted interviews with applicants and explained the scope of various benefits that were available.
• Used computer-assisted guidance packages such as skills assessment tools, career planners, psychometric tests, and personal inventories to help clients determine their
strengths and weaknesses.

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