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As a Mississippi Valley State University graduate, achieving a Master of Business Administration, I have developed a solid understanding of various business disciplines, including human resources management. Additionally, my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics has sharpened my analytical and problem-solving skills, which I believe will be valuable in addressing the challenges faced by your organization.

I have gained valuable experience as a Customs Trade Agent at FedEx Logistics, where I have learned the importance of meticulous documentation and adherence to government policies. I have consistently delivered exceptional customer service throughout my tenure while ensuring compliance with international importing regulations. Working closely with cross-functional teams, I have developed strong collaboration and communication skills, which I believe are essential in building effective relationships with stakeholders.

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January 2022-May 2023 Masters of Business Administration @ Mississippi Valley State University
August 2017-May 2021 Bachelors of Mathematics @ Mississippi Valley State University


May 2021-Present Customs Trade Agent @ Fedex Logistics

β€’ Responsible for coordination of the documentation required by US Customs/Government Agencies for entry of goods into the US on behalf of importers
β€’ Exemplified a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service while meticulously ensuring adherence to all relevant government policies.
β€’ Demonstrated strict adherence to international importing regulations and skillfully managed agency brokerage shipments.
β€’ Maintained meticulous records of current shipment documentation in full compliance with all record-keeping obligations.
β€’ Collaborated closely with internal staff and cross-functional departments to consistently deliver superior service to valued customers.

July 2019-May 2021 Customs Trade Agent/College Connections - S2 @ FedEx Logistics, Mississippi Valley State University

β€’ Provided impeccable customer service working with customers, co-workers, and supervisors
β€’ Obtained correct classification of goods for customs release from a database, SOPs, tariff books, internet, or customs
β€’ Skillfully executed data entry and meticulously processed a wide range of import-related documentation, ensuring their timely and accurate submission to US Customs. May also possess the capability to handle limited Participating Government Agencies (PGAs) requirements

January 2019-May 2021 General Office Worker @ MCIS Department, Mississippi Valley State University

β€’ Executed diverse administrative tasks encompassing routine office duties, including but not limited to errand running and other assigned responsibilities.
β€’ Collaborated with computer technicians to facilitate the setup of computer systems, as well as conducted comprehensive diagnostic checks.
β€’ Demonstrated proficiency in employing Microsoft Word to efficiently compose and format various types of documents.
β€’ Applied exceptional communication skills to professionally handle phone calls, ensuring effective message recording and dissemination.

September 2017-August 2019 Student Worker @ University College, Mississippi Valley State University

β€’ Implemented effective records management by meticulously filing paperwork and leveraging advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office applications.
β€’ Used excellent communication skills to answer phones and record messages
β€’ Played a vital role in student recruitment initiatives, actively engaging with prospective students and employing strategic methods to attract them to the university.

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