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Certified IT professional with 15+ years of experience in software development, user access management, and employee IT orientation in various industries including manufacturing, telecommunications, and higher education. Articulate with interpersonal skills including written and verbal communication. Implemented Active Directory to strengthen data protection and integrity across the organization. Enabled single sign-on via Kerberos for new users eliminating redundant logons. Maintained user profiles and role-based access to safeguard proprietary information on the iSeries. Well versed in cybersecurity fundamentals, concepts, and principles.

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00/00/0000 - 00/00/0000 Master of Science, Computer Security Management @ Strayer University
00/00/0000 - 00/00/0000 Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems @ Buffalo State University, Buffalo, NY


August 2022 - Current RPG/EDI Developer, Contractor @ HIGHLINE WARREN

● Provide EDI setup and support, as well as RPG development for EDI and stand-alone applications enhancing the organization’s overall efficiency.
● Work closely with EDI coordinators to validate and confirm accurate document mapping, leading to a 20% boost in efficiency within the past year.
● Collaborate with cross-functional teams during user acceptance testing to troubleshoot and resolve EDI issues, improving overall data accuracy by 15%.
● Generate test data for EDI team by identifying specific data requirements for various test scenarios, leading to the resolution of potential issues before deployment.
● Conduct system integration testing of EDI transactions to satisfy customer requirements.
● Standardize the RPG invoice program for EDI customer transmissions, reducing development time during customer onboarding by 50%.
● Resolved missing data elements using GAP analysis between customer EDI requirements and the standardized program.

May 2014 - July 2022 AS400/iSeries Programmer @ INDIAN HEAD INDUSTRIES/MGM BRAKES

● Configured network access and authentication by implementing Active Directory and Kerberos to maintain high levels of data protection and authentication integrity.
● Maintained AS400 user profiles and role-based access to align with specific user requirements, enhancing security and productivity while aligning with company compliance standards.
● Successfully set up and managed 50 IBM Notes email accounts for employees over a five-year period, improving communication across the organization.
● Provided technical support for 30+ EDI global clients increasing problem resolution by 60% over eight years.
● Created and managed a newsletter to effectively convey cybersecurity concepts and information on a variety of cybersecurity topics, contributing to a more secure work environment and a preemptive approach to cybersecurity.
● Collaboratively tested the network disaster recovery plan thus improving resilience and preparedness against potential threats and actual disasters while ensuring business continuity.
● Facilitated one-on-one IT orientation for new hires covering application access and usage instructions to perform their new role with confidence.
● Effectively communicated the organization’s IT policies, procedures, and expectations during the orientation, ensuring clarity of the company’s standards.
● Actively participated in the development of an ecommerce website that increased sales by $105K within just six months of the website’s launch.

October 2007 – April 2014 Database Analyst II @ BAJA BROADBAND/TDS

● Maintained role-based access control for the ERP system for 300+ users.
● Managed user passwords and security tables to ensure secure access.
● Developed a weekly customer attrition report used by customer service management to decrease churn by 10% within 2 months.
● Provided ongoing billing system application support; maintained billing system parameter tables including service code definitions, additions and modifications of billing-related codes and rate tables; maintained Pay-Per-View files, special events and schedules.
● Oversaw month-end/year-end processes to provide comprehensive summaries of the company’s financial and sales performance that aided in informed decision-making by management.

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