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Strategic and inclusive Senior Recruitment Manager with over 8 years of commensurate experience in directing employee programs in full lifecycle talent development, people operations, and staff training for high-volume companies & organizations that strive to attract top candidates through acquisition, retention, and DEI programs

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9/2012-12/2016 BBA- Information Systems and Business Analytics @ Hofstra University


3/2023- 8/2023 Senior IT Recruiter @ Cyborg Mobile

Applauded in 2023 by the Talent Development Director at Cyborg Mobile for utilizing effective job search techniques and innovative placement methodologies to increase the talent pool for executive leadership positions and consultant roles by 14% and for creating the referral program that boosted internal participation in talent/exit surveys to 80% from 35%

• Developed hiring systems for the executive job vacancies in the technical department to include presentations
• Conducted data scraping on Google, Stack Overflow, Reddit, GitHub, and other job boards using complex Boolean strings
• Handled 25-30 requisitions at once, and was tasked with prioritizing each role
• Performed full lifecycle high-volume recruiting
• Engaged with candidates and created influential relationships with managers and key program stakeholders
• Trained the in-house recruitment staff on how to source for the right skills, tool competencies, & culture fits
• Facilitated the new hire onboarding and structured progress checks for the first 30-60-90 days on-site/remote
• Worked closely with HR and Legal teams to abided by all USCIS rules and regulations for hiring

Key Achievement: Improved retention by 34% and saved $4M in expenditures through executive training plans

1/2022-3/2023 High Volume Senior Recruiter/Process Engineer @ Spruce Technology

Received recognition in 2022 at Spruce Technology by the Hiring Department Leaders for introducing DEI training programs and project sprints that increased loyalty, retention, and satisfaction levels by over 40% within 3 months and restructured the way the entire executive board facilitated communication in regard to new hire initiatives and objectives

• Crafted accurate job descriptions to include appropriate language, customs, and regulatory compliance laws
• Performed full lifecycle high-volume recruiting
• Sourced, networked, and reached out to minority groups for job placement opportunities in the tech industry

1/2020-1/2022 Senior Technical Recruiter @ AArete

Thanked by the DEI Manager at AArete in 2021 for creating comprehensive onboarding programs for technical recruits and in the Software Engineering Department with inclusion experts and specialists, which increased communication and loyalty percentages for the IT Project Managers and resulted in a $4M saving in excess hiring and training expenditures

• Promoted a non-discriminatory mentality and established fair policy structures for underrepresented groups
• Contributed to the talent mission by effectively communicating DEI projects and opportunities to candidates

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