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I am Bianca Fernandes Dos Santos, a dedicated professional with a diverse background in customer service, moderation, and technology. Over the years, I have gained valuable experience in welcoming and serving guests, addressing customer inquiries, and ensuring content compliance. My multilingual abilities in Spanish, Portuguese, and English have allowed me to excel in communicating effectively with people from diverse backgrounds, making me a versatile asset to any team.

In addition to my practical experience, I hold a high school diploma with a specialization in technology and have obtained certification in QA Testing Manual. These educational achievements reflect my commitment to continuous learning and skill development.

I am passionate about technology and thrive on the opportunity to create a safe and respectful online environment as a content moderator. My goal is to contribute positively to social media platforms by protecting users from inappropriate content and ensuring a positive user experience.

With a strong work ethic, language proficiency, and a solid educational foundation, I am well-equipped to excel in a variety of professional roles. I look forward to leveraging my skills and experience to make meaningful contributions to future endeavors.

Professional area


1 MAY 2023 – CURRENT QA Testing Manual @ Coderhouse


feb. 2018 - jun. 2018 Cashier @ Mostaza y Pan S.A

In my previous position, I had the privilege of assisting customers within the store. This encompassed a range of responsibilities, such as handling various forms of payment including cash, checks, credit cards, vouchers, and automatic debits. Additionally, I diligently maintained clean and organized checkout areas to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Customer satisfaction was always a top priority, and I actively worked to resolve any complaints or issues that arose. As Mostaza is a company similar to the multinational McDonald’s, my role extended beyond the cash register. I enthusiastically took part in other aspects of the premises, such as maintaining cleanliness throughout the establishment and even participating in food production.

The diverse nature of my responsibilities allowed me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business, while also fostering a strong work ethic and a commitment to delivering exceptional service.

oct. 2018 - mar. 2023 Restaurant Attendant @ Royal Caribbean Cruises

As part of my role, I take pride in warmly welcoming guests and providing excellent service by attending to their food and beverage needs. I make it a priority to be knowledgeable and readily available to answer any questions they may have, ensuring their experience is nothing short of exceptional. Additionally, I am responsible for maintaining cleanliness and tidiness in the venue after closing, ensuring that everything is in order for the next day. I also actively participate in safety training and drills to ensure the well-being of both guests and staff.

aug. 2022 - aug. 2023 Content Moderator @ Conectys

• Responsible for reviewing user-generated content, including posts,
comments, photos, and videos, to ensure compliance with platform
guidelines and policies.
• Provide relevant feedback to users, identifying rule violations and
requesting adjustments to ensure appropriate content.
• Collaborate closely with the moderation team, engaging in regular
communication to develop effective moderation strategies and
• Aim to create a safe, positive, and respectful environment on social media
platforms by protecting users from inappropriate content, spam, hate
speech, and other undesirable behaviors.

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