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I have a decade of customer service experience, excelling in
communication, problem-solving, and attention to detail. I’m self-
motivated, ensure timely task completion, and promote a positive,
collaborative environment. I’m knowledgeable in various media, tech,
and software. With 15+ years of dedication, I excel in phone
etiquette, event management, PR, corporate event coordination,
facility management, and Microsoft Office tools.

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April 2021 - Sept 2023 Concierge Care Agent, Events Coordinator & Comp Applications @ US LawShield

As a Concierge Care Agent at US Lawshield, I provide exceptional customer service and
support to our Facility Partners. My role encompasses professional phone communication,
event management, public relations, corporate event coordination, facility/sales team
management, and proficiency in Microsoft Office tools. My commitment to delivering a
white-glove experience is crucial in ensuring client satisfaction and success. As an Event
Coordinator, I am responsible for taking, organizing, and executing all of the events for
US LawShield. My role involves collaborating with Facility partners, Field Sales Reps, and
team members to ensure seamless event experiences. I also oversee the creation of all
complimentary memberships provided by US Law Shield, ensuring members receive their
login credentials and gain access to the facility portal.

Aug 2015 - April 2021 Billing Specialist @ US LawShield

A Call Center Billing Specialist is a highly skilled professional who manages goals
and time effectively. With a solid commitment to dedicated customer service, they
excel in multitasking, possess excellent communication skills, and demonstrate
remarkable problem-solving abilities even under high-pressure or time-constrained
situations. Additionally, they thrive in a team-oriented environment, fostering
collaboration and teamwork to achieve common objectives.

Sept 2009 - April 2022 Business Owner/Photographer @ Loved Photography

As the photographer and sole proprietor of Loved Photography, your responsibilities
include capturing meaningful moments, nurturing client connections, overseeing
photography sessions, post-processing images, and autonomously managing business
operations, marketing efforts, and financial matters. This role requires effective time
management to meet customer demands, punctuality in appointment scheduling,
adeptness in high-pressure situations, a creative touch in every session, and a strong focus
on meticulous attention to detail.

Oct 2021 - Present Actor @ East Island Theater Company

As a stage actor, my role is to bring characters to life. I work closely with directors, fellow
actors, and production teams to rehearse and perform in various theatrical productions.
My responsibilities include memorizing lines and blocking, interpreting scripts to portray
characters convincingly, and conveying emotions and storytelling through my
performance. All while keeping a safe and healthy work environment.

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