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Hi, I’m Lucia! I’m a passionate creative currently residing in Denver, CO. My educational background includes a degree in Statistics and Mathematics from the University of Central Florida, which has equipped me with a strong foundation in analytical thinking and problem-solving.

Throughout my career, I have gained extensive experience in the data realm, tackling complex projects, extracting valuable insights, and making data-driven recommendations. However, I have always had a keen interest in design and a desire to blend my technical expertise with my artistic eye.

That’s why I’m embarking on an exciting journey to transition into the field of UX/UI design and development. I believe that my unique combination of analytical thinking and artistic sensibility allows me to approach design challenges from a holistic perspective. I am passionate about creating intuitive and visually appealing user experiences that seamlessly merge form and function.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I find joy in exploring my hobbies. Music has always been a source of inspiration for me, and I love attending live performances and discovering new genres. In addition, I have a deep appreciation for art and enjoy expressing my creativity through various mediums. And of course, I’m a dedicated dog lover and spend my free time giving my dog the life he deserves.

I am committed to lifelong learning and continually expanding my skill set. I am excited to delve into the realms of UX/UI design and development, leveraging my analytical expertise, creative vision, and dedication to continuous growth to make a remarkable impact in the intersection of data and design.

If you’re looking for someone who can bring a unique blend of analytical thinking, artistic sensibility, and a genuine love for problem-solving, I would love to connect and explore how we can create something extraordinary together.

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2016 - 2020 Major in Statistics, Minor in Mathematics @ University of Central Florida


06/2023 - Current Freelance @ Frontend Developer

I collaborate directly with clients to conceptualize and create custom website designs that precisely cater to their requirements. By translating client specifications into captivating designs using Figma, I ensure seamless visualization and comprehension. Leveraging React, I transform intricate Figma designs into fully functional and dynamic web interfaces. My process includes efficient deployment using Netlify, guaranteeing a smooth and accessible user experience from start to finish.

03/2021 - 08/2023 Technology Consultant @ Continuus Technologies

I spearheaded daily ETL product trainings for enterprise-level entities, captivating audiences of 50 to 200 attendees. I drove user adoption by guiding clients to automate cumbersome analytics workflows via an ETL platform. I cultivated innovation and creative problem-solving by fostering brainstorming sessions that unearthed novel use cases. I engaged prospective software clients with persuasive demonstrations tailored to their unique requirements.

Furthermore, I executed a groundbreaking consulting project with Harley Davidson’s Dealer Relationship Department. I crafted and implemented an automated program using HTML integrated into Alteryx, streamlining dynamic monthly reports and heightening operational efficiency.

05/2020 - 08/2020 Data Analytics/ Data Science Intern @ FINRA

I applied cutting-edge Deep Learning techniques, including Natural Language Processing with BERT, to accurately forecast market trends. I mastered diverse datasets, training multiple models to analyze stock market data and pinpoint anomalies. To enhance insights, I innovated with Python-based visualization tools, creating clear and intuitive presentations of anomaly detection findings. By the conclusion of the summer internship, I was distinguished as a standout intern, earning recognition for exceptional contributions and dedication.

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