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Redhat Certified Containers Specialist
Azure Certified Fundamentals
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Professional with rare combination of expertise in three major cloud and IT domains. This diverse skill set allows me to bridge the gap between different cloud platforms and operating systems, offering a holistic approach to complex IT challenges.

Professional area


8/2008-6/2011 Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Information Systems @ Virginia Union University


June 2019 - Present Lead Solutions Architect @ Census Bureau

β€’ Partner closely with cross-functional teams to establish and meticulously document hardware patterns and standards, ensuring consistency across open source/open systems hardware within the Linux-based infrastructure.
β€’ Generate and maintain thorough documentation encompassing hardware patterns, standards, and best practices, driving cohesion and uniformity across the infrastructure.
β€’ Proactively tackle intricate infrastructure challenges, encompassing performance optimization, system tuning, and strategic capacity planning, utilizing troubleshooting expertise and safeguarding high availability and optimal performance.
β€’ Align objectives and liaise with peer groups, spanning software developers and security teams, to uphold the integrity, performance, and reliability of Linux-based infrastructure systems.
β€’ Contribute to the formulation and enforcement of Linux security policies, procedures, and standards, championing the security and compliance of the entire infrastructure.
β€’ Serve in a key role in the planning, configuring, and implementing new Linux-based solutions and technologies, perpetuating the ongoing improvement of the infrastructure.
β€’ Create documentation and architectural diagrams to communicate cloud solutions to technical and non-technical stakeholders.
β€’ Pilot cloud cost optimization initiative by analyzing usage patterns and implementing resource allocation and scaling strategies.
β€’ Evaluate emerging cloud technologies and trends, assessing their potential impact on business operations and making strategic recommendations.

β€’ Pioneered and oversaw the execution of numerous OpenShift Platform Deployments, orchestrating the establishment of lab environments for vendor applications running on Docker Images. This alignment with Linux derivatives and business imperatives yielded significant operational efficiencies.

Responsible for leading and delivering complete solutions to client.

Recognized as thought leader area of expertise.

Identified and led the implementation of enterprise software development tools.

Strong communication skills and initiative-taking.

Tools: Openshift, Nexus, Prometheus, Grafana, Loki, ARO, ROSA.

August 2017 - June 2019 Sr Linux DevOps Engineer @ The Johns Hopkins University

β€’ Constructed intricate environments, introducing custom-built tools and software, and executed Bash and Python scripts to configure systems and gather crucial data.
β€’ Identified, diagnosed, and effectively resolved complex infrastructure issues on Linux, Unix, and Red Hat systems, skillfully addressing performance challenges and outage incidents.

β€’ Introduced a robust Configuration Management Solution, ensuring uniformity across server setups and builds.
β€’ Formulated, documented, and executed a standardized process to gauge critical performance metrics, proactively preventing incidents and disruptions to both the environment and users.
β€’ Acted as the technical lead, providing adept support to the University and Hospital, handling license matters, security updates, and web host administration.
β€’ Leveraged Puppet for accurate inventory management, system configuration, automation, profile establishment, and comprehensive server reporting.
β€’ Directed the implementation of continuous deployment for more than 1,000 containers, bolstering the University and Hospital websites and applications.
β€’ Executed the deployment of hybrid docker swarm clusters across multiple cloud providers, ensuring versatile and resilient infrastructure.
β€’ Orchestrated and facilitated the migration of significant applications to AWS, optimizing performance and accessibility.
β€’ Received acclaim for cost reduction efforts, meticulously evaluating scope, requirements, resource allocation, and vendor negotiations, effectively trimming project budgets.

January 2017 - August 2017 Sr Linux Devops Engineer @ Nasa

β€’ Supervised and coordinated both internal and external resources to efficiently manage server operations, configure workstations, and maintain a diverse portfolio of over 20 websites and lab systems.
β€’ Revamped and established standardized IT models to enhance program deliverables, significantly improving the precision of implementation costs and expediting solution deployment cycles.
β€’ Offered expert guidance during intricate software installation, upgrades, patches, and troubleshooting on UNIX servers, contributing to the stability and optimization of the systems.
β€’ Crafted comprehensive technical documentation and training materials, effectively equipping support teams with the knowledge needed for seamless operations.
β€’ Bridged communications with key vendors to foster cost savings, efficiency gains, and reductions in support and professional budget expenditures.

November 2016 - December 2016 Sr Linux DevOps Engineer @ Capital One

β€’ Managed critical projects focused on mitigating security risks within the environment, resulting in substantial cost savings for the company.
β€’ Provided valuable consultation on capacity planning, encompassing storage allocation, hardware and software redundancy, and future expansion strategies.
β€’ Headed the implementation of IT project management governance, processes, standards, and tools, enhancing the management of infrastructure components.
β€’ Piloted a cross-functional team in executing pre-migration data tasks through shell scripts, playing a pivotal role in the success of server migration activities.
β€’ Introduced Agile development principles to the team, leading to transparent deliverable timelines and improved project management practices.

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