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I am a driven individual who looks to merge the areas of equal access and affordable housing by utilizing experience and resources to help provide for the underprivileged and unhoused communityโ€”determined to gain hands-on practical experience in the construction and engineering field to further my knowledge of the trade. Though I have not spent extensive time within the construction field, I exemplify natural leadership qualities proven to be transferable to the industry. Combining these traits, I wish to own my own construction company and build affordable homes for the disadvantaged.

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06/2019-06/2023 Bachelors of Arts @ Georgetown University
06/2023-12/2024 Master of Science @ University of New Mexico


06/2022-09/2022 Field Engineer @ MA Mortenson
09/2020-09/2021 Curriculum Assistant @ Georgetown University
011/2021-06/2023 Intramural Supervisor @ Georgetown Intramural
07/2021-09/2021 Site Coordinator @ Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academic

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